USA-Trump Set to Win in November?

The American left is heading for another defeat in November. Trump has the opposition constantly dancing to his tune while the elite comfort each other in their bubble, thinking insulting the “Buffoon” will win the mid-terms. Whether it be illegal immigration, a trade war with allies or tax cuts, Trumps is winning the battle for public opinion because he can do everything the Democrats want to do, but convince people he can do it better.

It’s Still the Economy, Stupid!

Nobody wins a trade war but the economic effects of Trumps protectionist decisions will not be felt until after the 2018 mid-terms. The whole question in a trade war is who can take more pain in the long run? In the end, Americans will suffer, but not before November. There are many “deplorables” (now an ‘honorable identity’) out there who feel some pride in what Trump is doing.

Invite people to go to their local Mall and see where things were made. Organize a competition on who can fined the most “Made in the USA” stickers. Show people the Americans behind those “Made in Abroad” products. What has Trump done to stop the people who benefit from his tax cuts from exporting jobs over-seas? It is easy to point out the words don’t match the deeds. But Democrats can’t do this, because they serve the interests of the same people. And our elected representatives are well rewarded for their work. The wealth of Congress members bounced up 40% in just two years. (See their wealth, click here*) The Democrat Senator from California, Dianne Feinstein, is one of the richest, worth $59 million, although Republicans lead the podium.

Illegal Immigration is Wrong

You are not going to win over voters if you spend your time defending illegal migrants, no matter how well your intentions. Americans are suffering and they see the armies of cheap labor as a threat to their existence. “Americans First” is a winning slogan. Immigration is not desirable when the country cannot take care of its own citizens. Trump’s rhetoric wins again.

To oppose Trump, the opposition has to make proposals that will actually improve AMERICAN lives. The US doesn’t need more people. It needs to finance the education and training of our own unemployed.

Why is Steve Bannon the one calling for the training of Americans and an end to importing the skilled labor US citizens should be doing? We want to create jobs for American workers but let businesses import labor which hurts Americans and robs developing countries of the brains they need themselves.  US companies should be forced to invest some of their profit in training Americans to do the jobs. Now, there’s an idea which Europeans have been practicing for decades.

The number of Americans marginalized will only get bigger. Economists predict that up to 40% of the jobs which exist today will be gone in ten years due to the digitalized economy (on digitalized economy, click here *). Europe is way ahead of the US in preparing for this new future. Are you ready for 75% unemployment? (no shit! click here*) America must stop robbing other countries of their brains while ignoring our own potential. The former prevents development, thus encouraging migration, while the latter sets the stage for social unrest; the “scars” Steve Bannon is looking forward to.

The opposition, using graphics, pie charts and case studies, over and over and over again, to hammer home that in fact, under Trump, or any other president for that matter, American people were never put first. Those few parasites who amass obscene wealth at the expense of hard working people have always been first in the system.  But that would mean Democrats would have to distance themselves from their Wall Street sponsors; the same ones they and Obama bailed out in 2009.

Welfare for the Rich, Patriotism for the Poor

You could contradict Trump by denouncing the fact that over half the US defense budget goes to line the pockets of those running private enterprises engaged in the arms industry. (This from The American Conservative, Click Here*) That the Pentagon cannot account for twenty-one trillion dollars between 1998 and 2015 (click here* and here*); more money than the national debt. This would probably also mean forfeiting generous campaign contributions from those contractors.

Screen Shot 2018-06-10 at 12.44.33

William D. Hartung, The American Conservative, 2017



Steve Bannon, in an interview on CNN, June 2, hit the nail on the head in what he openly admitted is a shock doctrine. He said he is happy the US is so divided and hopes the divisions continue for some time to come. “This is very healthy, and,” Bannon said, “I think this is going to go on for a long time. . . . We’ve got a lot more fighting and a lot more scar tissue to go over.” (Zakaria explains his Itw, click here*) Creating chaos is how the Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand enthusiasts create the conditions to impose their order. People need to be told what that order will look like for them. And the “fighting” Bannon is talking about could resemble Berlin in the late 1920s, early 1930s.

Stop the Russia Smokescreen

It’s not about Russia. It’s about the DNC avoiding a discussion on the cables and emails Wikileaks put on line. Note that nobody cracked down harder on whistle-blowers than Obama did. Trump has the Democrats looking like war mongers (which they are) in Ukraine and Syria while he rattles his sabers in the Pacific. Democrats cannot criticize Trumps secret wars, Drone attacks and Special Operations because they did it too, and still would.

Stop fighting Russia. There is nothing wrong with ‘Détente‘ and everything wrong with starting a new Cold War which could spiral into something a lot hotter. Push Trump into his own corner by calling for cooperation and an easing of NATO encroachment on the former Soviet Union. When was the last time Russia conducted military exercises on our border with Mexico?

Put an End to Privately Contracted and Covert Wars

Call for an end to the President’s War Powers and covert operations in countries we are not at war with and where we kill their nationals in their homes. Point out that these off-the-books military operations actually make things worse and that our money would be better spent helping these countries develop an economy and control their population growth. (By the way, no president did as much to help Africa as George W. Bush.) Denounce the use of private armies of mercenaries to do the job our military is meant to do. (For a full exposure see Jeremy Scahill’s Dirty Wars, P. W. Singer’s Corporate Warriors and Dexter Filken’s The Forever War.)

Also, for those too lazy to read, you’ll find some very real allusions to what is actually going on in the wonderful British series Deep State. Conspiracies do exist. Call them out!

America’s Daily Crimes Against Humanity

Hammer home that it is not only a crime against humanity, but that it makes no economic sense as well, to jail the mentally challenged, drug addicts, who are ill, or others who should receive treatment, unless your goal is to further line the pockets of the private prison industry which costs tens of billions to the tax payer. The raw material for this business is people; the US has the highest per capita prison population in the world which assures these businesses a bright future. (BU stats, click here* and prison & Health, click here*) Illegal migrants should be put in camps, not prisons, unless and until  convicted of a crime.

America’s criminal justice juggernaut,” wrote Robert Perkinson in 2008, “currently consumes more than $200 billion a year and employs 2.4 million individuals to keep 7.3 million others under state supervision.” (see Robert Perkinson, Texas Tough, p.371) The racial inequities and their causes are beyond the scope of this rant.

Show how much cheaper it is for society to hire social workers and care givers to help people in need rather than jail them.  Experiments have shown how much money can be saved by caring for the small percentage of chronically homeless, often mentally challenged, than the hundreds of thousands of dollars in hospital bills and the $55 thousand yearly prisoner costs. (Trumps private prison boom, click here* Private prisons by the numbers, click here*) America loves its Vets, Both republicans and Democrats tell us, yet a third of the homeless served their country. (housing the chronically homeless so much cheaper, Utah click here* and Colorado click here*)

How hard can it be to sell the idea that it is better to cut health care costs in half with a universal health care system? Europe and Canada are not Communist countries. Graphics and charts should do the trick. How many tax payers know they are paying the health care bills of those who have no money or assets anyway? It is like car insurance; the premiums go down when everybody is insured. Why do I have to watch comedians like John Oliver to see the obscene profits of pharmaceutics, insurance companies and others involved in the lucritive business of letting poor people die at a cost?

Subsidizing Israel, Ignoring Americans

Americans need to be shown, that while they have to do without health care, affordable housing, inexpensive tuition, and a decent minimum wage which would allow them to live on just one job, the US subsidizes Israel’s generous welfare system, free universities, health care, housing projects, etc. to the tune of billions. Five-hundred-and-fifty-thousand Israelis, subsidized by the US tax-payer, receive money to do nothing but study the Tora! (click here*) They don’t even do military service! But to go there the Democrats would have to distance themselves from the all powerful AIPAC Israeli lobby which sponsors their campaigns and organizes free, all expenses paid, visits to Israel.

While on Israel, it would be nice to remind people that seventy years ago, migrants from Europe, with the support of the victorious allies, forced 750 thousand Palestinians from their ancestral homes and land at gun point. Americans may see the sense in the demonstrations and condemn Israel’s brutal killings of unarmed protesters. I’m sure the American Indian can relate to this. If anybody should understand what it means to have everything stolen from you, to be put in a Ghetto under an illegal military blockade collectively punishing civilians, to be the free target for murderous racist thugs in uniform, it should be the European Jew.



  1. There are so many arguments here that it boggles one’s mind. However, your bromance with Steve Bannon and his theories of anarchy will not motivate democrats. Mr. Bannon does not even recognize America as a democratic institution but a republic ripe for autocratic management by people, or a person such as him, that know better. “We the people…” is not concept in the manual of leadership of either Mr. Bannon or the Buffoon. In their world, the people need to be led by them, not become part of the process. In the meantime, democrats are already making significant inroads into state legislatures where the grass root process is to begin. It is where the republican strategy of marginalizing the opposition first reared its head. Furthermore, where is it that watching a fictional TV series based on conspiracy theory and only concerned with ratings an acceptable alternative to reading? If so then it would go that we base our foreign policy on Tom Clancy movies?



  2. “We think of ourselves as virulently anti-establishment, particularly ‘anti-’ the permanent political class”.
    Steve Bannon quoted in the Washington Post, January 2016

    “The media should be embarrassed and humiliated and keep its mouth shut and just listen for a while”.
    Steve Bannon in the New York Times January 2017

    “Lenin,” he answered, “wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment”.
    Steve Bannon as reported in The Daily Beast August 2016



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