Djibouti, North Eastern Africa — The atmosphere was electric Thursday morning.  Friday is their day off and Thursday is Khat day, the day everybody indulges heavily in the chewing of the narcotic plant.  I had seen them buying Khat from women on the street feverishly every afternoon but Thursday was the mother of all euphoria.

Today French President Nicolas Sarkozy told us in a speech for the 89th anniversary of Armistice Day that ‘war is Hell‘.  This man, who did no military service, dared to speak of the horror and the suffering of a generation sent to the slaughter by politicians like him, in the interests of wealthy friends like his.  

Paris – France : In 1997, a very stubborn French Doctor in a State run hospital did not give up looking. When endoscopies and ultra-sounds turned up no explanation for the severe pancreatitis I suffered from, he sent me to a ‘private’ clinic specialized in invasive procedures.  There they found the tumor in my pancreas and four days later the doctor in the public hospital conducted the queen of all operations: a whipple.  It did not cost me a penny to save my life!