About Me – Resumé

Socrates George Kazolias



American bi-lingual journalist. 35 years experience : management, producer, media trainer, lecturer, consultant. Print, Radio, TV, internet writing and blogging. Large experience in working within cross-cultural environments and conflict zones.

France Television / France O / AITV, Paris, France, 1984 – 2015,

Senior producer, reporter, assignment editor, anchor, copy editor.
Directed multi-lingual and ethnic news teams, camera crews, for stories in English and French destined to French, African, Middle East, South and South East Asian TV stations for re- broadcast. Editing, script writing and live commentary on satellite feed.

Radio France Internationale, Paris, France, English Service 1983 – 1991, Europe Service 1991 – 1995
Reporter, copy editor, anchor, sports commentator.
English Service: directed news teams, produced and anchored a daily news program destined for an international audience. Produced a weekly radio sports magazine. Europe service: worked with an international news team to produce a program on European affairs in three languages.

American University of Paris, Paris, France, 1997 – 2016

Adjunct Professor, Global Communications Department.
Taught Journalism, News Writing and Reporting, Ethics, Comparative Journalism, Media and War, Broadcast News Writing, etc. for print, radio, TV to multi-national student body.

US State Department, Africa Regional Services,1997 – Present

Trainer, lecturer and consultant for journalism.
Media training programs for practicing professionals on site in African countries. Lecturing in African universities. Video training classes out of ARS offices in Paris. Subjects : newsroom management, reporting for professional journalists, online journalism, ethics for print, radio, TV.

Fondation Hirondelle NGO, Democratic Republic of Congo, Jan. – Nov. 2003

Station manager and journalist trainer.
Radio Okapi, a joint project with the United Nations in a war environment. Managed multi- ethnic teams for programs in seven national languages. Trained and managed Congolese reporters.

Fondation Hirondelle NGO, Khartoum, Sudan, Summer 2006

Sub-editor and trainer.
Mirya FM radio, a joint project with the United Nations. Trained reporters in a multi-ethnic and conflict environment for programs in three languages and supervised writing, production and broadcast.

Freelance Experience

Television :
Euronews, Lyon, France Eurosport, Paris, France Info Vidéo-3, Paris, France Expert guest, debates, film voice-overs and commentaries.

Radio :

Deutsche Welle, Cologne, Germany
France Info, Paris, France France Inter, Paris France France Culture, Paris, France Radio France Info-92, Albertville Winter Olympics Radio

Monitor Radio, Boston, USA, BBC, London
Business Radio Network, USA Standard Radio News, USA


University of Paris VIII, Saint Denis, France – Maîtrise in Linguistics, 1983
University of Paris VIII, Vincennes, France – Licence, 1979
University of Paris VIII, Institute of Applied Linguistics – Certificate, Teaching French and English as a Foreign Language, 1982
La Sorbonne, Paris, France – French Language and Civilization, 1982
University of Moscow, Moscow, Soviet Union – Certificate, Russian Language, Summer 1981 Centre de formation et perfectionnement des journalistes, Paris, France – numerous courses

Canal France International, Nairobi, Kenya, Oct. 2007, Oct. 2008

Trainer and lecturer, TV journalism.
Trained Kenyan TV reporters to cover elections and organize debates.

United Nations (UNDP), University of Butare, Rwanda, 1st Semester 1998

Taught journalism to both Tutsi and Hutu students in a post-genocide and on-going conflict environment in French and English.

Aérospatiale, Chatillon, France, 1978 – 1982

Second Language Training Officer.
Organized English language training programs. Taught engineers, technicians and military officers.

WKIP, Poughkeepsie, USA

Print, Online :
Various French publications The Africa Report
EPN World Internet News Agency,
Geographical Magazine CounterPunch
Africa Beat Radio

Diverse :
Inlingua, Paris, France, English teacher Interlangues, Paris, France, English teacher
Translator French to English, various agencies and publishers.