It is interesting to note that when a South Korean immigrant youth went on a shooting rampage in Virginia Tech last April, killing 32 people and himself while wounding 25 others, the story became the Second Amendment and gun control.  This false debate hid the real story and the real culprits.

When the new interactive web site Rue89 broke the story that President Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife Cecilia did not vote in the second round of Presidential elections, the story was not that the woman did not back her husband.  For Rue89, like most of the French press, the story was the news was censored in the Journal du Dimanche (JDD) by its wealthy owner, a close friend of the President.

If anything allows the press to say news is a science, it is all in the art of rigorous verification before publication.  It is what has made American journalism so dependable.   

US reporters know what they write can adversely affect people’s lives. This is why they make sure 100% of what they write is 100% correct …