Merry Christmas to the four billion people in the world living on less than four dollars a day.  Merry Christmas to the hundreds of thousands, soon to become millions, of home owners heading to the streets in the sub-prime crisis. Merry Christmas to the forty-seven million Americans without health insurance. Merry Christmas to all the privileged people who have to work for peanuts and then die when they reach the age of retirement if they have a retirement system which will give them less than they need to eat anyway. 

And a Jolly ho-ho-ho to all those on Wall Street and the City who are collecting multi million dollar bonuses for a job well done destroying our world’s economy.  Season’s Greetings to those who send out people strapped with bombs to blow up busy markets.  And to American fighter jet pilots who never get to see the collateral damage.

Poles in the street / 15 August 2007 

The three Poles sat on their make-shift furniture, old cushions and mattresses, the drizzle wetting everything.  The closer I got, the greasier they looked; the wet adding to their stickiness. Their dreams of making money evaporated long ago with the alcohol that oozes out of their skin in smelly sweat.