G-8: the mother of all hypocrisies

Paris – July 10, 2008: Our intrepid leaders just wrapped up the mother of all summits.  They condemned Human Rights abuses in Zimbabwe and in the same breath Bush and Sarkozy announced they will attend the opening of the Olympic Games in China and while prisoners in Guantanamo are still denied US Constitutional rights to a fair trial and Habeas Corpus.


They discussed the world food crisis around an 18 course meal.  They dealt with the world financial crisis at a meeting which cost 500 million dollars.  They urged developing countries to take the road of Democracy while refusing to let anti-globalization protesters within five kilometers of the meeting.


They promised to reduce Green House gases radically by … 2050! while calling on China and India to play their role.  These two countries each have a Middle Class equivalent to our own of over 400 million people and of course they all want the luxuries we have, including cars.  Worse yet: Germany (BMW, Daimler, Volks-wagon, Audi), France (Renault, Peugeot), Italy (Fiat, Alpha Romeo), Japan (Nissan, Toyota) and the United States (Chrysler, Ford, GM) are fighting to sell them those cars.


Nowhere does it seem our leaders think they may have made mistakes.  But judging from the state of the world today, both rich countries, and especially poor, we can only say their deregulated globalized world is a failure even though it continues to make the very rich, very-very rich.


We have returned to the 17th century world of princes entirely removed from the reality of our planet.  They continue to apply a technique which did not work for the Communists – pretend you can ideologically wish the world the way you want it and it will be so .  The only result this approach produces is denial and denial prevents us from dealing with problems and just makes things worse.


Families in the US who have lost their homes cannot deny they are in the street.  Families in Africa cannot deny they can no longer afford the food which is still abundant in the markets.  Five hundred thousand women who die every year giving birth cannot deny they could have been saved at very little cost and what about the countless others, married too young to have children and end up with fistula?  Bush seems to be the only one who cannot see Iran is the big winner in Iraq and Iraqis cannot deny they are much worse off today than they were under Saddam.


Denial is a luxury which comes with great wealth.  Perhaps we citizens of the North are still too well-off because what is the attitude that lets these leaders continue their bankrupt policies if not denial?