Paris, April 4, 2023, by Socrates George Kazolias

On March 28, the French National Assembly enacted a law recognizing the 1931-1932 famine that hit the Soviet Union as a “Genocide” against the Ukrainians through a “planned famine” known as “Holodomor.”  The law means anybody who denies it was a genocide against the Ukrainians, or excuses it in any form, now faces up to one year in prison and €45,000 in fines.

Similar legislation had been voted on the genocides of the Jews by the Nazis in 1990 and of the Armenians by the Turks in 2001.

Qualifying the Soviet famine as a genocide against Ukraine is very problematic on several fronts and guts the word “Genocide” of its true meaning. Jewish Frenchmen and Armenian descendants who support the anti-negationism law, known as ‘Loi Gayssot,’ should be outraged. Or has the definition of “Genocide” changed? More on the famine below but first the law itself.

By Socrates George Kazolias–Paris, March 14, 2023:

The New York Times has used anonymous sources to discredit Seymour Hersh for using anonymous sources when he blamed the US for blowing up the Nord Stream pipelines. The question is who has a better track record: Hersh or the Gray Lady of WMD fame? (1) I have come under criticism for my previous article insisting that the press fulfill its role of filtering the spin, or even worse, I am accused of encouraging the censorship of those in power.

“If his lips are moving you know he is fibbing.”
photo Wikimedia Commons

Separating fact from fiction and sifting through the fluff to bring out the important, is the very definition of journalism. That journalists have lost their honor and professionalism may be true, but it is none-the-less their job. They are not paid to just hold an open microphone for spin-doctors.

Socrates George Kazolias–Paris, 11 March 2023:

Seymour Hersh’s latest bombshell alleging the United States blew up the Nord Stream pipelines in September, 2022, once again raises the question of anonymous sources and how can they be trusted?

Everything is being done to try to discredit Hersh, or better yet, just ignore his story. The Mainstream Media (MSM) hide behind what they practice every day, that is quote anonymous government sources, in order to censor Hersh and keep his reporting from reaching the public. The controllers of what you have a right to know, ask how can we believe accusations coming from people who refuse to be identified?

Paris, February 24, 2023: Socrates George Kazolias– The Collective West are dead wrong to be jubilating over the UN vote calling on Russia to withdraw behind the “internationally recognized borders” of Ukraine.


But before the jingoists in the West celebrate too loudly that the imperialist powers of the US and Europe got a majority of countries to vote in favor of Germany’s proposed resolution, let me remind you that these are the same countries the ‘Collective West’ bullied, threatened, and bribed into backing the invasion of Iraq, the occupation of Afghanistan, the brutal aggressions of Yemen, Serbia, Libya, Syria, just to mention a few.

Paris, Jan. 23, 2023—By Socrates George Kazolias

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are on track (and field) to start in a little over 18 months and they promise to be a ‘Games of Firsts and Superlatives.’ The first ‘first’ was at the closing ceremony in Japan in August 2021, with a limited number of spectators and a year later than originally scheduled, due to Covid.

Firsts of Firsts

Paris, January 17, 2023, by Socrates George Kazolias

This is an abstract from a long and on-going discussion I am having with an American friend on the ‘misconceptions’ of what is happening in Ukraine and on Putin and Russia. I am convinced Russia is on the right side of history here.

3 janvier 2023, Socrates George Kazolias

Le ‘scandal’ Houellebecq-Onfray a le mérite de nommer les choses et de souligner l’hypocrisie de ceux qui ne les nomment pas.

Voir, par exemple, la revue Marianne qui diffusa sur YouTube en décembre, un reportage sur le sort des femmes dans les cités et banlieues sans une seule fois identifier les salauds qui font régner la terreur, ni même parler de qui sont véritablement les fauteurs de troubles.

This is a response to a correspondence I am having with a good friend who seems to believe we are the good guys in the Ukraine mess. As I try to explain, we have never been the good guys. It doesn’t mean the others are but I am more concerned with what we are doing wrong. Please leave a comment at the end.

I must protest at the dishonestly and openly propagandistic nature of an October 30, 2022, Associated Press article on Bucha and alleged Russian massacres (click here). I am not denying war crimes have been committed, on both sides. I am denying there is proof of them being ordered by the Russian high command and that there were crimes to the extent alleged, especially in Bucha.  This article by AP lies through omission and implying things that may not be so.  Hear-say is not fact?

Socrates George Kazolias, Paris France: I know it is hard to accept but the $1 billion verdict against Alex Jones is a very serious attack on free speech. Yes, what he said in his Sandy Hook Massacre denial was untrue, hideous, and hurtful. But the First Amendment allows us to lie and hurt people’s feelings. What we are not allowed to do is slander and libel. (more on this below).

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