Your chances of being killed by a terrorist in the United States based on the number of dead over the past ten years is pretty close to zero.

The Christmas underwear bombing attempt by a Nigerian Islamic Fundamentalist on a plane to Detroit has given Americans a chance to play their favorite game: scare themselves to death with practically non-existent threats to their lives.

The Americans love to build insecurity castles in the sky and then put draconian security measures in them with two tangible results; they justify their fears (they wouldn’t do it if it weren’t necessary) by making everybody’s life much more difficult.

Since 9-11, there have been several attempted and planned attacks on planes between Europe and the US. Only the London and Madrid subway bombings were successful. The 2005 London to Chicago shoe-bomber and the Xmas 2009 underpants man are the only ones who got close. This is proof that security and police services are doing an excellent job. There is no such thing as a fool-proof system but with so many soft targets, if there were giant flaws int he system, there should have been many more attacks.

Americans are so fixated on the terrorist threat, they do not see the daily and more real dangers to their lives: every year guns kill 30 thousand people (odds are one in 314); over 42 thousand die on the roads (odds of one in 78); nearly six thousand die on the job and hundreds of thousands are hurt from just these three causes. You have a one in five chance of dying of cancer and one in 119 of committing suicide. Even the food Americans eat is killing them faster than any Muslim fanatic could ever dream of killing. Your chances of being killed by a terrorist in the United States based on the number of dead over the past ten years is pretty close to zero.

Terrorists will always look for soft targets and once again, if they have not found more it is because the police and spies are “doin‘ a heck of a job”.

Moreover, most o the threats have come from Muslims born in our target countries such as the Fort Hood Major, The US citizen Kosovars panning to attack Fort Dix, the five American born Pakistanis arrested in Pakistan for planning attacks against the US. The shoe-bomber was a British born convert and the London underground killers were all UK born and educated. The same goes for most of those arrested in France and Germany.

Given the facts, any threat there is – is internal.

Even if they make me walk through airport security naked and measure my penis, you will not be safer.

Why B. Obama felt he had to say there is a fundamental ‘flaw’ in the system is beyond me. A man in Nigeria says his son, who is studying in London, is planning an attack. Information in Sanaa says al qaeda there is planning an attack. There was no information to link the two. security services around the world receive thousands of warnings all the time. If there is a ‘flaw’ it is there is too much information to process — hardly what I would call a ‘flaw’.

The man with hot-pants boarded a plane in Accra, changed planes in Lagos and changed again in Amsterdam where he was apparently scanned. He then spent a long ti;e i the toilet an hour before landing (probably praying to Allah to give thanks for the 70 virgins he was promised and praying tot he toilet God out of fear).

He could have taken his bomb into an elevator, a subway, museum or bar and why not the White House on a guided tour? How will preventing me from peeing before we land or really pissing me off at security going to make anybody safer?

I would say my extra pain and the mass hysteria is a great victory for Allah’s madmen.