Is Greece praying to Israeli sugar-mama?

How much is Israel paying bankrupt Greece to prevent the Peace Flotilla from sailing to Gaza? It’s a legitimate question and would explain why George Papandreaou is committing such an act in favor of the Jewish state’s illegal and inhuman blockade of Gaza.  Even the Jerusalem Post raises the quesiton of Israeli economic pressure on Greece in its edition today.

We already know Greece has been renting its airspace to the Israeli Air Force since Turkey suspended military cooperation last year. 

Last week two of the ten boats in the flotilla were sabotaged at port. The Israeli embassy in Athens says accusations Israel’s Mossad sabotaged the boats is “ridiculous”. Oh, really? Israel did not hesitate to commit piracy on the high seas last year when it stormed the first flotilla in international waters killing ten people, seizing the boats and arresting the survivors.

You know what is “ridiculous”? Israel’s calling this crime “self-defense”. What is “ridiculous” is to think Israel incapable of any act of terrorism. Did they not fake European and Australian Passports to kill a Palestinian leader in Dubai in February 2010?

Israel would not sabotage the boats at port? This is a country which has shot hundreds of unarmed protesters this year alone. Scores have been killed. So, what’s a little sabotage among assassins?

Papandreaou is going even further than preventing the boats from sailing and arresting the American captain of one that tried or sending his commandos aboard a Canadian boat leaving Crete. He is tacitly recognizing the legitimacy of the blockade by offering to deliver the aid through the existing (Israeli) channels.

Of course, none of this would be possible if it were not for the absolute hypocrisy and collusion of the so-called “international community” and in first lieu, the United States who has been bankrolling the apartheid and land-grabbing state since its inception.

I guess the Greeks are just getting used to being on their knees after a year of bending over for the EU, the IMF and the banks. But bending over before Israel? How much are they paying the Greeks to forfeit what little honor and dignity they have left?

The Israelis are on the defensive. Their image around the world is terrible as well it should be. It would be nice if the media pointed this out and gave us the context as to why. That our governments practice ‘double-standards’ in the Middle East is despicable enough. But that the media cater to the Jewish Lobbies in mis-informing public opinion through double standards is outrageous.

Thank God for the internet. It is a sad day when we need a Fifth Estate to do the job the Fourth Estate was supposed to be doing.