Aylan’s Tragic Death is Cynically Manipulated to Influence Public Opinion

thAbdullah Kurdi, the father of Aylan was not fleeing the war in Syria.  He was emigrating out of Turkey where he had been living and working for three years.

The photo of Aylan lying on a Turkish beach has been manipulated by Western leaders and the “good-hearted” to whip up public opinion in favor of massive illegal immigration to Europe and to cover up their role in completely destabilizing the Middle East.

We are told Kurdi and his family were fleeing the war in Syria when the father had been living and working in Turkey for three years!  He had left his wife and children behind in Syria that whole time.  When he saw an opportunity to join hundreds of thousands of others entering Europe, he asked his sister in Canada for money, brought his wife and children to Turkey, and then took them on their fatal boat ride.

We were told Canada refused him asylum.  The Canadians denied he ever requested asylum. Then he said he wanted to go to Germany, Denmark or Sweden.  He has now returned to Syria, the country we were told he was fleeing.  Witnesses report he was in fact a people smugglar and was driving the boat when it sank.  Under normal circumstances he should be charged with manslaughter.

The death of three-year-old Aylan, his five-year-old brother and his mother is tragic but no more or less tragic than the thousands of other deaths of people crossing the Mediterranean trying to find a “better life” in Europe.

Anger should be directed against those who encourage people to do this and against Abdullah Kurdi for his irresponsibility.  Anger at Germany and Austria for opening their doors to illegal immigration thus enticing others to do as Abdullah Kurdi has done. Anger at the West for not aiding the countries in the region enough to process and care for the massive influx of people. And if you still think the war in Syria is responsible for what happened to Aylan and his family, then anger at those who did everything to encourage a violent insurrection which led directly to the Jihadist take over of large parts of the country.

And somehow, public opinion has been manipulated to believe this is the fault of Assad. There were not hundreds of thousands of Syrians fleeing before the insurrection.  The further the opposition forces progressed, the more there were refugees.  Christians, Druze, Yazidis and others lived side-by-side before France, the UK and the US with their Gulf monarchy allies destabilized the country betting on an imaginary “moderate opposition.”

And how conveniently we forget that in 2012, the West rejected an offer by Assad for multi-party elections in which he would not run. How easily we forget their refusal to accept the February 2012 referendum  to change the constitution and make this possible. It is the cynical exploitation of the death of poor Aylan and others like him, that allow Western leaders to manipulate public opinion.

Rather than provoking anger at an irresponsible father who risked his family’s life out of opportunism, what we have is tear-jerking to try to justify the unjustifiable: killing your family to become an illegal immigrant.