The Powder Keg: Young, Angry, Uneducated and Unskilled, Mostly Muslim

th-2How will Europe deal with hundreds of thousands of unskilled, uneducated and angry young men, mostly Muslim, flooding over the borders when the migrants realize there is no place for them here and they are unwanted? Many of these young people are totally illiterate, especially Afghans and Somalis. Some are just teenagers who ‘ran away to join the circus.’ They are irritated and have experienced war and violence. They come from closed and repressive, often feudal cultures. They are entering the tolerant and open Judeo-Christian democracies of Europe so foreign to anything they have known.

According to the New York Times, authorities have expressed concern “pockets of radicalization could grow if the aspirations of the new arrivals end in poverty and isolation.”  They have also said they fear Islamic extremists are infiltrating Europe with the massive movement of people. The same article points out “few spoke any language other than their native tongue, and most knew little about the countries they hoped to make their new home.” Migrants questioned in Turkey did not even know that in Germany they eat pork and drink beer.

The UN refugee agency says of the more than half a million migrants who already illegally entered the EU this year,  69% of those arriving are men and if we deduct those accompanying the 13% who are women, we see well over half are single males seeking an illusory El-Dorado.

th-1The EU said in June that only one in five migrants was coming form Syria but changed its tune in September with the massive influx following the German Chancellor’s infamous ‘welcome call.’ Now they say over half are from Syria. A figure denounced by conservative politicians as untrue and an attempt to create public opinion in favor of receiving the people.

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere said 30% of those claiming to be Syrian are really from somewhere else. The problem is there are no viable statistics and even Germany is swamped by the numbers and has been forced to reintroduce border controls while people sleep in the streets waiting to be processed and hoping for a bed in a camp.

Migrants fight each other in Germany in religious battles
Migrants fight for a place

Riots have broken out in camps set up for refugees as Muslims fight Christians, Sunnis fight Shiites, Iraqis battle Afghans and even Muslim extremist Salafists, who should not be in Europe at all, fight among different persuasions. This violence is just a taste of what will come when these young people discover they made the journey with unrealistic dreams.

One aspect of a more tolerant western society many of these young men have difficulty grasping  is the place of women.  Germany’s police union and women’s groups accuse their government of covering up sex crimes committed by the migrants because they fear “a backlash against asylum seekers.”.

The migration crisis is also angering large swathes of the population who don’t want their countries to change and who don’t want to pay the price of receiving them. In Austria, where a full 12% of the population is already Muslim, the right wing Freedom Party has doubled its votes. Anti-immigrant parties throughout Europe are making great strides. Life will not get easier for the migrants.

Then there is the price to pay. The French comptroller this year said it costs two billion euros to treat a hundred thousand cases; it cost over €500 million in 2014 just to house asylum seekers when the number was a fraction of what it is this year. How will these young men react when they are rejected, held in camps or told to go home?

Completely overwhelmed, the EU has now decided to speed up the expulsion process of those denied asylum and even intern those who may run rather than leave. They are going to use development aid to put pressure on countries of origin to take the illegal migrants back. They may even finally invest money in treating the migrants in the camps in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. God forbid they ever oblige the Gulf Monarchies who back the Jihadists in Syria to accept a refugee or two. You don’t want to anger good clients of Europe’s lucrative arms industries.

For the moment, Europeans can thank Germany and Chancellor Merkel for making a bad situation worse. But it is the violence to come which should have them worried.