What is Wrong with EU Leaders?

Armies of single, fighting-age, Muslim males

“Invasion.”  I can think of no other word to describe it when hundreds of thousands of people illegally enter your country.  But who are these people and what do they really want?

Viable statistics are hard to come by and that in and of itself is suspicious.  We know that by the end of this year nearly a million people will have illegally migrated to Germany alone.  By regrouping the different figures I have seen, I have determined that over 60% of these people are single, fighting-age males and almost all of them Muslims.

In September, one figure released by the UN Refugee Agency indicated 72% were men, 13% women and just under 15% children.  If we say the women are accompanied by their husbands then the figure in September should have been 59% were single males.  The number of single males has shot up dramatically since then but you would not know it to watch TV news.  Journalists focus on the children and the mothers giving the impression families are entering Europe.

We are also being lied to about the origins of these people. We are told the migrants are fleeing war. Germany admitted earlier this autumn that four out of five entering the country are not Syrian.  They also said a quarter of those claiming to be Syrian are lying. The cases of forged Syrian passports are well known.

If these young, single, and I insist, fighting-age, males are coming to Europe because they like our system then they are cowards at best.  If that were really their motivation they should stay home and fight for such a system in their own countries.  But the reality is that they do not care about our system in the least. What they care about is getting a piece of the opportunities and the benefits Europeans have built for themselves.  In that case, they are opportunists.

Trying to decipher the few reliable figures offered, the vast majority appear to be unskilled and little to uneducated.  Therefore, they don’t even meet the criteria Germany announced: that they will fulfill the need of 500 thousand skilled workers. So, these young men will find no place in our societies unless we spend the money to educate and train them.

What are European leaders thinking?  Youth unemployment in France is 25% and in many of the Muslim Banlieues it is 40%.  In Spain, Greece and other crisis hit countries youth unemployment is nearly 50%.  Surely, if Europe were to spend money educating and training people, it should start here.

Secondly, as President Giscard d’Estaing pointed out in the 1970s, Europe should concentrate on immigration which is culturally similar and easily integrated.  The European experience over the past 50 years with Muslim immigration has been one giant failure.  This is not say it cannot be done, if the proper measures are carried out and the money is spent but the questions is why would you want to do that when 1. you already have such a large pool of unskilled labor and 2. culturally adaptable candidates for immigration are available?

Few politicians are calling a spade a spade but some see the danger. Siegfried Naglof, Mayor of the Austrian city of Graz, says for “the men who want to come for help, we must make it clear to them that here, there is no capacity.” Too late. They are already here and hundreds of thousands of others are on the move.

Some estimate that it costs 12,500 euros per migrant, which means the bill for Germany alone could be 25 billion euros over the next two years.  Other sources say one million illegal migrants a year could easily cost Berlin up to 100 billion euros. Germany plans to borrow money next year to foot the bill.

Norway is paying people nearly 9,000 euros and plane tickets to go home.  Katinka Hartman who heads Norway’s immigration return unit told the Daily Mail the people thought it would be easy to “have the opportunity to work or take an education, and maybe even get their family to Norway.” But Norway is saying no and at a cost.

Sweden, the country with the largest number of migrants per capita, back in 2007 already spent a full one percent of GDP on its migrants. So what is the figure now that the number has grown exponentially?

How can European countries in crisis afford this?  Isn’t it better, and ultimately cheaper, to prevent these people from coming in the first place?  Experience shows paying people to go home does not work.  The French found that Bulgarian and Romanian Roms came back as soon as they had spent their money.

This year’s figures hide the fact the EU was already swimming in a migrant ocean.  Between 2000 and 2013,  according to the UN, the total international migrant stock in Europe increased by 30%, from 56 million to 72 million immigrants.  This does not count those of migrant background who have EU citizenship. Let us not forget the terrorists who attacked Paris last January and in November, like those who attacked Brussels, London and Madrid, were EU born and raised Muslims. The EU should be spending money on integrating its Muslim youth rather than importing millions more.

The statistics also show that, despite the massive arrival of migrants, GDP in EU countries has continued to fall since 2007.  Where is the economic miracle that political and business leaders claim come with the migrants?

Trying to stop waves of illegal migrants, police are overwhelmed

What happens when these fighting-age men are disillusioned and sit in poverty with no hope?  Hundreds of thousands of them! They do not identify with the Judeo-Christian heritage of Europe.  They care little for democracy (if they did, they would be home fighting for it).  The vast majority know nothing of our values of sexual and gender tolerance. Europe is struggling as it is to get those of Muslim origin born and raised in the EU to adopt these values.

A ticking time bomb Made in Merkel

European leaders, with Angela Merkel in the lead, have set the timer on a bomb which will inevitably explode. And there was already enough powder among the millions of European Muslims who have learned to hate the countries which host them.