Russian hacking scandal in reality an attack on public’s right to know.

Embarrassing truths made public lost Clinton the elections.

The Russian Hacking Scandal is an attack on whistleblowers and the public’s right to know.


The Democrat Party and the Barack Obama administration are using the alleged Russian hacking narrative to attack ‘Whistle Blowers’ and the truth. In an Orwellian turn of logic, they have people believing the US elections were somehow hacked; that people did not vote the way they did because they wanted to when in reality, it is the Democrat Party and Hilary Clinton who were hacked. What they refuse to admit is that a lot of truth was laid out for public scrutiny and that, had this truth been hidden from the public, Clinton would be president.

For example, in October, the Democrats would have rather we turned our attention to Trump’s “pussy grabbing” quote from 2005, which was leaked to the press, than the fact that, among leaked emails published by Wikileaks, were those that showed Clinton and Obama knew their friends and contributors in Saudi Arabia and Qatar support ISIS and al-Qaeda. That is , US soldiers were fighting and dying while our political leaders were cozying up to those bankrolling and equipping the enemy.

The whole Russian hacking scandal is in fact another attack on truth and the public’s right to know. This administration has done everything in its power to prevent the truth from reaching public scrutiny. The truth is Obama has sentenced Whistle Blowers to jail 31 times more than all the previous presidents combined.

Is it not just as important for voters to know about the hundreds of thousands of dollars Hilary gets from Wall Street as it is for them to know Trump went bankrupt several times? Should not the public know Clinton pushed for NATO’s war on Libya,  using disinformation and outright lies to justify it, even over the reticence of Obama, to advance her political ambitions as well as to defend the interests of her Wall Street financiers?

Here is what Julian Assange of Wikileaks had to say about the leaked emails: “It’s not about that Libya has cheap oil. She perceived the removal of Gaddafi and the overthrow of the Libyan state something that she would use to run in the general election for president. So late 2011, there’s an internal document called the “Libya Tick Tock” that is produced for Hillary Clinton, and it’s all the… it’s a chronological description of how Hillary Clinton was the central figure in the destruction of the Libyan state.” (see Pilger interview here)

It is ironic that, for all her lying and deception as Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton is free of prosecution while Julian Assange is hold up in the Ecuadoran Embassy in London to hide from charges in Sweden which are not considered rape in any other country in the world: i.e. not using condoms during consensual sex. The fear being Sweden would extradite the Australian whistle-blower to the US to face charges of espionage.

The list of government misdeeds in our name exposed by whistle-blowers goes back to Pentagon Papers leaked by Daniel Ellsberg and The Watergate investigation where the whistleblower was the number two in the FBI, Mark Felt, aka Deep Throat. Our country was better off thanks to these two men and their courage to expose official wrong-doing, lies and cover-ups.

unknownIn April 2013, the NSA director lied to a US Intelligence Committee under oath, saying the US does not spy on its citizens. Edward Snowden’s leak to Glen Greenwald (1) of the London Guardian blew that lie apart. James Clapper did not go to jail; Snowden fears for his life. But thanks to Snowden’s courage, Americans knew Big Brother was watching them and started acting to do something about it. We also learned the NSA is hacking governments all over the world including the cell-phones of the German Chancellor and the French President.

Our country is better off today thanks to people like Chelsea Manning. In 2010 Wikileaks put online an Army helicopter video which showed, despite years of denials, the US Army knew they had gunned-down two Reuters reporters and children when they indiscriminately massacred over a dozen men in Bagdad in 2007; a video leaked by Manning called Collateral Murder  and which is an excellent example of modern-day Ellsberg.images-2

The public has every right to despise Donald Trump, his lies and to fear him as President but he was elected POTUS under the rules of the Republic and not because Russians hacked American minds. Americans were shown some truths many did not like about Hilary Clinton and the Democrats and voted for what they believed was in the country’s and their best interests. This whole “scandal” is just another attempt at fighting the truth and the public’s right to know. That the Washington Post and the New York Times should participate in this campaign, after they worked so hard to publish leaked information and protect whistle-blowers, is the real scandal.

  1. That story is told in Greenwald’s book ‘No Place To Hide