My Prolonged Absence

Dear Friends, I realize I have not written in a while but during the Corona Virus pandemic I have been doing regular Posts on my FaceBook page. I plan on returning to this Blog and posting here again soon.

Among the topics to address is, of course, this Kung Flu, its mismanagement, lies and lack of preparation. The Pandemic has also demonstrated further that in France there are “occupied zones” which escape all centralized authority to the chagrin of most of the residents. But also the decision by the German Constitutional Court which threatens to pull the German Central Bank out of the European Central Bank’s bond buying program which in turn will lead to the defaults of Spain, Italy and France and the demise of the euro and quite possibly the EU. Syria is off the radar but still on my agenda. The USA has surrendered to the Taliban. It is difficult to write about Israel as you are immediately branded an anti-semite by their armies of Trolls. @#&§/!

So, I hope to write here again soon and relaunch a some debates, anger a few and please more. Be safe and stay healthy.