US Elections: Democrats Play Dirty to Eliminate Greens

I didn’t like Biden as vice-President and I won’t like him as President. I also believe Trump must go; that he is a danger to America and to world peace, a compulsive liar with no capacity for empathy who favours nepotism over merit and pardons his criminal friends and the list goes on. The question is, do the Democrats have to cheat and play dirty to win?

Party Suppression is a form of voter suppression

Howie Hawkins–Green Party Presidential Candidate

Using a Loaded System to Play Dirty

When the democrats use the courts to eliminate third party competitors from the ballot, we are dealing with “Party suppression which is a form of voter suppression.” The Democrats have succeeded in kicking the Greens off the ballot in Pennsylvania (click here) and Wisconsin (click here) and are trying to do the same in Montana and other states. Is this the only way Biden can win?

Why are they dong this? ABC writes: “Donald Trump won Pennsylvania by just over 44,000 votes, while winning Wisconsin by nearly 23,000 votes. At the time, Jill Stein, the 2016 Green Party candidate had accumulated more votes in each state than the difference by which Trump beat Clinton.”

The Democrats believe Hillary Clinton lost key swing states in 2016 because of those who voted for the Green Party candidate, Jill Stein. They seem unable to admit that, for the left, Clinton was just a bad “Wall Street” candidate, a regime-changing-warmonger, who promised more of the same and that, yes, the DNC files released by Wikileaks showed how deeply corrupt the Democratic Party Leadership is (click here & here). Clinton got three million more votes than Trump but still the Democrats won’t fight to do away with the electoral college.

The Democrats insistence on denouncing Russian interference in the 2016 elections has just been a smokescreen to deflect attention from the contents of the Wikileaks dump (click here). Trump did not win because Russia told the “deplorables” to vote for him. He won because he made (false) promises to the losers in our stone-age-capitalist-globalized system that he could “Make Them Feel Great Again!

Another Good Reason to Hate Lawyers

Green Party candidate for President, Howie Hawkins, said “progressive lawyers” wouldn’t accept to take their case in Wisconsin which lost them precious time in filing their complaint. It was this delay that the Court used to eliminate the Green Party from the Wisconsin ballot. So, the Greens find themselves not only with the Democrats suing in court to get them off the ballot, but lawyers, who want to see Biden win, refusing to take their cases.

Both parties are determined to maintain a Pepsi-cola vs Coca-cola binary system serving the wealthy while paying lip-service to democracy.

It is hypocritical for Democrats to denounce Republican moves at voter suppression such as that in Georgia (2016 click here & 2020 click here) and North Dakota (2016 click here) and do everything they can to kill the vote on their left. How can Bernie Sanders supporters condone such acts? Many states have made it harder for third party candidates to get on the ballots. Pennsylvania is one of them.

We have already seen the Democrats change the rules for debates during the primaries in order to eliminate serious challengers like Tulsi Gabbard. She is an Army National Guard officer and Member of the House of Representatives who expressed her opposition to the Democrats’ obsession with inferring in other countries to affect regime change with catastrophic results. Tulsi wasn’t even invited to the Democratic National Convention.

This Is Not Democracy

The Greens gained enough votes, the Democrats say, to deny Clinton a victory, but not enough to be invited in the national debates so other voices can be heard. This is not democracy.

The costs involved in the elections are astronomical, basically giving propaganda access in the media only to the very rich who can finance it. This is not democracy.

Changing the rules and using the courts to eliminate opposition candidates seems to be the new normal. This is not democracy.

Denying the Green Party legal council to insure their elimination from the ballot is low. This is neither rule of law nor democracy.

The Change We Need

Trump’s presidency and the Democrats’ dirty tricks show we need radical change now:

  • A new, modern Constitution which ushers in a parliamentary democracy with proportional representation, doing away with the electoral college;
  • And which eliminates the position of Monarchal President, thus giving war powers back to the elected representatives of the people.
  • A cap on political campaign funding and a law reversing Citizen’s United (click here) taking big money out of politics.
  • A law forcing audio-visual media to give adequate time to candidates of parties that score five percent or more.
  • Independent electoral commissions at state and national level to organise debates, set the rules and monitor spending and air time.
  • Electoral laws that make the candidate applications the same in every state.
  • A Bill to introduce a Citizen’s Initiative Referendum Petition at a national level.