Twitter-Censorship: Quit Twitter to Impose Free Speech!

Tübingen, Germany, January 6, 2022 by

Online platforms (Twitter, Facebook, & al.) with monopolies over the public arena are imposing censorship based on algorithms; machines are deciding what people can and cannot say. This must end!


I have quit @Twitter after being suspended abusively for the second time; this time for jokingly writing that an Italian, pretending to be a literary agent, and who stole hundreds of manuscripts from aspiring writers: “Should be hung by the balls,” which is obviously satire.

The first time I was suspended was based purely on being denounced by French BLM/racialists for calling a man they wanted to make their George Floyd, who had been condemned to prison several times, a “hoodlum,” and, as the courts awarded €15,000 to his cell mate for repeated sexual aggression (forced fellatio and sodomy), “a serial rapist.”  All my appeals of that decision received no answer and after 30 days I deleted the Tweet and was allowed back on Twitter. This is because Twitter relies on #algorithms to make its decisions, not real people. The machine had decided whether I had the right to speak my mind again.

Twitter, which makes billions, won’t hire real people to check if there is slander, libel, true incitement to violence or murder, etc., but relies on algorithms to decide on #censorship; in other words: Machines dictating what people can and cannot say! In the first case they reacted to a simple denunciation by suspending me ‘just in case.’

Algorithms cannot distinguish what is humor, satire, cynicism, tongue-in-cheek (which my “hang him by the balls” clearly was), etc. Even lying is First Amendment protected speech.

  1. Twitter and other mega platforms have a monopoly on the public arena of debate and therefore have a “social responsibility” to enforce and respect the #FirstAmendment. See the #HutchinsCommission, and especially its recommendations on government intervention when private media do not respect their social responsibility to free and equal speech (TV & radio in this case). We are not talking about a theatre which a political party rents for an evening to hold a meeting; We are talking about total control of the agora. The FCC used to have rules they enforced but both Dems and GOP, over the years, gutted the FCC in the interests of private media megaliths. 
  1. Who has the right to speak in the public forum should never be left to either a private enterprise with monopoly control over the market or a machine; no more than should war, policing, public education, or welfare be left up to private interests to manage and carry out. It is the collective responsibility to lead and manage these things, which means it is the government’s job. We are now inventing machines for war which will decide, based on algorithms, who to kill and when! Only humans should have that power over other humans.
  1. Only government should have the power to censor within the limits of the law. If the law is broken, it is the job of the courts to step in and punish those responsable. Inciting to murder is illegal speech. We are delegating policing to militias and private security companies and war to Blackwater mercenary type companies.  This must end.
  1. We are living a dystopian nightmare where we allow machines and algorithms to dictate human behavior and human rights because monopolies refuse to invest in human beings to make sure the law is respected.

I can’t stand @realdonaldtrump nor the obnoxious idiot @MajorieTaylorGreene, but Twitter has no right to silence them on their public forum unless they broke the law, and as I said, lying is not against the law.  If it were, most husbands would be in jail. Americans have surrendered their freedom and democracy to the dictatorship of private enterprise.

So, my first act to break the chains is to quit Twitter. My second is to write this paper urging others to step forward and force government to do its job.

The FCC must be given back its teeth to impose free speech. Monopolies have to be reigned in by law or broken up. Illegal discrimination based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or political views, must be stopped by government and court intervention.

I urge all those still on twitter to quit in protest, even if for only a short while, to force them to spend some of their billions on hiring qualified people to make decisions on who is breaking the law, and not just their rules. They do not have the right to make rules which are unconstitutional when they have a monopoly in  the public sphere of debate. Even stone-age, Laissez-faire, capitalism must have limits imposed!