Ukraine-UN: vote is More of the Same

Paris, February 24, 2023: Socrates George Kazolias– The Collective West are dead wrong to be jubilating over the UN vote calling on Russia to withdraw behind the “internationally recognized borders” of Ukraine.


But before the jingoists in the West celebrate too loudly that the imperialist powers of the US and Europe got a majority of countries to vote in favor of Germany’s proposed resolution, let me remind you that these are the same countries the ‘Collective West’ bullied, threatened, and bribed into backing the invasion of Iraq, the occupation of Afghanistan, the brutal aggressions of Yemen, Serbia, Libya, Syria, just to mention a few.

History has demonstrated how wrong these UN votes were; how disastrous NATO’s military adventures have been, killing millions, displacing millions more and destabilizing most of Africa, all of the Middle East and much of Asia, sending millions on the road to illegally enter Europe. These migrants tax European social welfare systems and infrastructure to the breaking point and are pitting communities against each other in several nations.

Let us put aside the fact that countries representing over half the world’s population and probably half its GDP either voted against the resolution or abstained. That weighs more than Tonga or Costa Rica, doesn’t it?

It would be interesting to have a UN vote on whether to approve the NATO expansion east, or whether NATO should be disbanded entirely? But such a referendum on the expansionist and aggressive alliance will never happen because the UN was conceived to empower America’s domination of the world. (1.) Yes, much to the distaste of “progressive leftists,” I use the word “imperialist” to describe the pact of bellicosity and domination which calls itself ‘NATO.’

So, I too regret the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but I maintain, faced with the real threat of NATO destabilization and even attack, that the Russians had no choice. I also believe the Russians too regret having had to invade Ukraine.

Let’s not forget, that after the US sponsored 2014 coup against the elected government in Ukraine (by B. Obama, J. Biden, H. Clinton, V. Nuland) Russia waited eight years and 14,000 dead (ten thousand of them ethnic Russians under Ukrainian bombs) before finally acting. For eight years Russia pressed for peace while the West armed Ukraine for war.

It could have all been avoided with neutrality for Ukraine and autonomy (much like that of Sud Tirol in Italy) for Donbass; in other words, applying the Minsk Accords. It is one of the reasons I support the Rage Against War demand that NATO be disbanded.

Who Could Possibly Trust the Collective West?

In Putin’s ‘State of the Nation’ address he said, “The West cannot be trusted.” What could be truer?

  • The US “verbally” promised Russia (2) that NATO would not move east, only to see NATO take over all of the former Warsaw Pact countries, except Ukraine and Georgia where Russia drew its “line in the sand,” as George H .W Bush had famously said concerning the Middle East.
  • US/NATO disarmed Iraq, Libya, and Syria through their “do it or else” treaties only to attack them once they were defenseless.
  • The US unilaterally pulled out of the Intermediate Range Missile Treaty with Russia and the Iran nuclear deal. 
  • Former Chancellor Merkel (here), President Hollande (here), Presidents Poroshenko and Zelensky (here), all admitted that they only signed the Minsk Accords on autonomy for Donbass to buy time to arm and train Ukraine to take back Donbass and never had any intention of respecting their signatures.

A man’s word is the only as good as his actions. Who can trust these western powers to ever keep their word? They use violence on the weak while attacking the reactions of the more powerful against their threats as unacceptable breaches of international law and endangering peace. 

Well intentioned ‘progressives’ who agree the US has been the most violent and aggressive nation in the world these past 80 years (3) condemn Russia’s invasion of Ukraine because “you must respect borders.” Do they mean like Kosovo, Syria’s oil fields, and Iraqi Kurdistan?

What are US nuclear armed warships doing just 12 miles off the Russian coast in the Baltic and Black Seas? We know NATO Baltic war games were used to blow up the Nord Stream Pipelines in September, 2022. We know US warships in the Black Sea did everything but push the button to sink Russia’s Flag Ship, the Moscova (you can be sure the US supplied more than only intelligence). Is there anybody who questions the veracity of Seymour Hersh’s article on the Nord Steam attack? Really?

What are American missiles doing on the Russian borders with Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, and Bulgaria? “Is this a “Defense Posture?”

Why should Russia trust the Collective West not to attack? After all, attacking, destroying, killing, changing regimes, pulling coups, sanctioning … is all they have done for 80 years, leaving death and destruction in their wake and billions in the bank accounts of those at the top.

The Blood on Germany’s Hands

A word on German hypocrisy if you will. Germany loves to call itself the champion of peace; the country that learned its lessons from WWII. That is as dishonest as America’s claim to be fighting for democracy in its military and CIA sponsored adventures around the world.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, there was a real movement to disband NATO. The US and Germany reached a deal; the United States would recognize German Unification (Thatcher and Mitterrand were hostile) and Washington would also recognize the independence of Slovenia and Croatia (historic German spheres of influence) if Germany supported the continuation of NATO in a more aggressive posture.

The result of American-backed-German-Anschluss in the former Yugoslavia is 250-thousand dead and 2.7 million displaced with a Balkans that remains a powder-keg to this day.

Bill Clinton, with the help of Germany’s Greens (Joshka Fischer was Foreign Minister) converted NATO from a so-called ‘Defensive Pact’ (Article Five) to a pact of aggression and Bill Clinton invented the term ‘Humanitarian Intervention’ to justify bombing Yemen, Sudan, Serbia, Libya and many more countries and creating widespread destabilization.

So, no, the UN vote does not disqualify my sincere understanding of Russia’s invasion against an ‘existential threat’ posed by NATO to their country any more than the ‘Coalition of the Willing’ changed my mind on the invasion of Iraq, the occupation of Afghanistan, the bombing and dismemberment of Serbia ….

I am sure history will show that a Russian victory in Ukraine may have saved the world from annihilation under an arrogant, aggressive, nuclear trigger-happy Collective West.

Who are the aggressors?


  1. For more on how FDR set up a cabal of New England elite as early as 1939 to get the US in the war and rule the world after it see: Stepehn Wertheim, TOMORROW the WORLD; The BIRTH of U.S. GLOBAL SUPREMACY, Harvard University Press, 2020, especially pp. 141-144. For a brief review of the book click here.
  2. As an inducement for agreeing to German unification, Mr. Baker offered what he called “ironclad guarantees that NATO’s jurisdiction or forces would not move eastward,” according to a declassified memorandum recording the discussion. “There would be no extension of NATO’s jurisdiction for forces of NATO one inch to the east,” Mr. Baker told Mr. Gorbachev, coming back to the formula three times during the conversation.” from NYT, here.
  3. As Professor Jeffrey Sachs said before he was shut down by the imperialist apologist, Stephan Erlanger (here). Watch carefully how Erlanger shuts him down for telling the truth. For our MSM the limits of Freedom of Speech are getting narrower every day.
  4. Russia’s incursion into Ukraine is not without precedent. When the Americans reached the Yalu River during the Korean War and General MacArthur was threatening to use Atomic weapons, China intervened and defeated the United States, preventing them from launching an atomic strike.
  5. Here are a couple of examples of how pressure from the great powers works: “Le Maroc entretient des liens économiques avec la Russie, mais il est également très lié aux États-Unis, notamment pour l’entretien de son armement lourd : pour son vote d’hier, on peut donc plutôt parler d’une clarification. … le Soudan du Sud, qui est un pays historiquement proche de Washington et très dépendant de l’aide internationale, n’est plus abstentionniste.” Taken from RFI here.