Migration Sensitivity: Europe is not the United States


Lasagna Bathily, who saved lives during the January 2016 terror attacks, receiving French citizenship

I angered one of the softest and nicest guys I know so much that, if he were a boxer, he would have punched me out with the simple American-style question of “when did you arrive in Europe?” It was another rude lesson in Europe is not the United States. Continue reading →

France – Identity: Playing the Christian White Race Card


Nadine Morano, Euro Deputy and Former Minister under Nicolas Sarkozy

France is a country of the white race with Judeo-Christian roots.” This sentence by conservative euro-deputy and former minister, Nadine Morano, has the country turned upside-down. Continue reading →

Speech not so Free in France

French courts on Friday, February 18, struck another serious blow at Freedom of Speech in the country when they found conservative reporter and pundit, Eric Zemmour, guilty of “inciting racial hatred”. Continue reading →