Bush and the Neo-Cons use marxist-styled logic

It occurred to me a while back that George W. Bush and his neo-con friends have a lot more in common with Marxism than they would like to think.  The Communists always said that politics should be in control; that the base of society should mold the infrastructure or what they could call ‘perceptible reality’. 

When Mao put politics in command in 1966 by saying “better a great chaos than a little injustice” he got the Cultural Revolution.  When he launched his 1956 Hundred Flowers campaign, what he got was famine and hundreds of tons of useless steel. 

When President Bush invaded Iraq to “free the people from tyranny” and “build democracy in the Middle East” he was merely putting his politics in command.  Why listen to the experts?  They are just dealing with perceived reality.  Real reality is “Iraqis want freedom.” Real reality is “the surge is working.” 

In the days of the pragmatists, when something did not work, you tried something else.  And if it was not broken, you did not fix it.  You might even listen to experts or your elders. Not with the neo-cons.  Reality must bend to political will and that will, if needed, will be backed up with military might.  This is like getting the square peg to go into the round hole. The result is a mess much worse than Mao’s junk steel.  Or is that just my perception?

A report last week in the prestigious British medical journal, the Lancet says a poll by the British polling agency Opinion Research Business (ORB) shows as many as one point two million people have been killed in Iraq since the US invasion in 2003.  This gives credibility to a study by the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health reported in the Lancet in October 2006 which said as of July 2006, 655 thousand people had died. We are a far cry from the 50 thousand the Bush administration admits to.  Again, is this reality versus perception?

Just like Soviet leader Khrushchev promised to defeat America by building more and better refrigerators in 1959 because the proletariat is the future, our US-Soviet leaders (i.e. neo-cons) tell us their plans are working because they are right and anybody who says the opposite is “comforting the enemy”. 

So, tax cuts for the wealthy boost investment, which means more jobs. Private health care means freedom of choice. Taking away Constitutional Rights is defending Freedom. War is Peace. 

We have to admit that the neo-cons political agenda has changed the shape of the world we live in but it sure does not look to me anything like what they promised us.  It does not even look like what they say it is.  And this is pure Marxism in its form.  Mission Accomplished boys!