Kosovo: The US Should Stay Out of the Balkans

The worst thing Bill Clinton did was not receiving oral pleasure from Monica. It was not bombing a pharmaceutical plant in Khartoum. Perhaps not even letting al-Qaeda and the Taliban grow, nor even maintaining an embargo on Iraq, which killed some 500 thousand people through lack of medicine and food. No, the worst thing he did may well be messing with the Balkans and backing ethnic Albanians in Kosovo.

It started with George Bush the father in 1991 when, against advice from French President François Mitterrand (and anybody who knew anything about the Balkans for that matter), the US followed Germany in recognizing the independence of Slovenia and Croatia before doing something to prepare it. The deal at the time was if Germany could eat the two republics (economically) in a new Anschluss then Berlin would not oppose an on-going role for NATO, which was increasingly being criticized for having out-lived its purpose.

The result was what always happens when you mess with the Balkans: war! And what are the Dayton Accords for Bosnia but internationally recognized ethnic cleansing in favor of a Muslim government backed by the most radical fundamentalists and which was using Jihad fighters sent by al-Qaeda among others?

Now Kosovo has been ethnically cleansed … of its Serbs. If the United States gets its way, Europe will have its third Muslim country and all three in the Balkans. But why Kosovo?

The War Bill Wanted

At the Rambouillet summit in January 1999, the Serbs accepted every condition the ‘Allies’ wanted to impose except one: they would not allow foreign armies to enter the country. (As a reminder, this is the only condition they did not accept from Austria-Hungary in 1914).

It is interesting to note that the Muslim Albanian-Kosovars did not want to accept the Rambouillet deal either because it did not stipulate independence for Kosovo led by the UCK, a group, which under any other circumstances, would have only been called terrorist. This is when, according to well informed sources who were there, James Rubin (Madeleine Albright’s Assistant Secretary of State) took the Kosovars aside and told them to sign the deal because there would be war when the Serbs refused. In other words, the United States wanted that war. The question is why?

According to the OSCE (Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe) at the time, some 2500 people had died, including roughly 500 Serbs, in a dirty war being fought between the Kosovo separatists and Belgrade; hardly enough to justify a NATO onslaught. As a matter of fact the war was illegal according to NATO’s own rules of engagement because no member country had been aggressed. It is possible more Kosovars died in the US-led bombing campaign than at the hands of the Serbs. The bombing sparked a massive exodus of Kosovo Albanians, much larger than the Serbs could have ever hoped for in any ethnic cleansing program.

Now we discover that what Rubin had promised his UCK ‘terrorist’/’freedom-fighter’ friends in 1999 is coming about. The United States is ready to recognize an independent Kosovo with or without a UN resolution while splitting the European Union and angering the Russians at the same time.

Russia has said no to Kosovo independence. Greece and Cyprus certainly will not turn their backs on their Orthodox brothers, especially as they have problems of their own with Muslim Turks. Macedonia will say no because their own ethnic Albanian and Muslim minority might want to follow suit which, by the way, is another Balkan war in the making. Orthodox majority Romania and Bulgaria, also EU members, will probably oppose the breakaway for similar reasons.

It is interesting to note that NATO carried out its illegal war “to stop the ethnic cleansing of ethnic Albanians in Kosovo by Serb forces” and that, since then, the Serbs have been driven out (ethnically cleansed) of Kosovo by the Albanians and this under the eyes of NATO troops stationed there.

The International Herald Tribune calls this “one of the last unresolved disputes left from the Balkan wars of the 1990s”. This is a very myopic view of the region and its history.

Further Wars in the Making

The Serbs have been fighting for Kosovo for almost seven hundred years, often losing it, always taking it back. They even had to evacuate their army from the Balkans entirely in World War One only to come back and reclaim what is theirs. What leads Washington to think the future will be any different.

Kosovo is what modern Serbs consider their Golgotha; it is the place they feel they were born as a nation. The battle of Kosovo-Polje is where Ottoman invaders defeated the Serbian Armies in 1389. The Serbs are one of the few peoples who see their national pride in a defeat. It is much more than just their Alamo. This says a lot about the Serbian mind-set.

Recent history has demonstrated that just because people say they want independence does not make it right or a good idea. Even the US sees this. They are not calling for an independent Chechnya or Kurdistan and refer to fighters there as ‘terrorists’.

Moreover, Kosovo is not viable. Its only source of revenue comes from the International Community and the Armies posted there as well as the Saudis and others who see it as their duty to spread Islam.

It would be interesting to know just why the United States has been playing with fire in the Balkans.