Old men holding flags – Nov. 11th

Today French President Nicolas Sarkozy told us in a speech for the 89th anniversary of Armistice Day that ‘war is Hell‘.  This man, who did no military service, dared to speak of the horror and the suffering of a generation sent to the slaughter by politicians like him, in the interests of wealthy friends like his.  

Sarkozy is a man who never had to sleep in the cold and wet.  Yet he feels authorized to tell us how terrible  the mud of the trenches was.  He knows nothing of the fear which rips out your guts, compresses your heart and takes away your senses; that fear which collapses your lungs and makes you fall where you are, want to get up, go on, but cannot.  There is one thing I do not understand.  He was surrounded by old men holding flags and young men holding flags and the old men know what war is.  How could they stomach Sarkozy ?

Behind Sarkozy burned the eternal flame of the unknown soldier under the Arc de Triumph.  And what if the remains buried there are not French ?  And what difference would it make any way ?  Men fought and died under the orders of people like Sarkozy who do not know what war is but spend their time making them.

There is also George W. Bush, the other « war president ».  The one who was off snorting you-know-what and drinking and went AWOL in stead of taking the urine test which would have cooked his goose.  He too pays homage to the fallen.  He too makes sure he is surrounded by old men holding flags.

Soon other young men will become old men holding flags around a flame and listening to someone who never knew death, nor fear, nor the smell of napalm in the morning, telling them how terrible war is.