Je suis charlie

Last night I was at Place de la République with many hundreds of others to express our anger at what THEY did to Charlie Hebdo. It was the only place to be.

Unfortunately, there were no Muslims at the protest. Sure, there were Muslim journalists there, but they were there as reporters, not Muslims. I saw only two older women with head-scarves obviously there to say they disagree with the Jihadist murderers. And as they were the only two, the cameras were all over them, which could give the impression Muslims were present.

When the US and Britain invaded Iraq, millions of people took to the streets and chanted “Not in my name!” Muslims in France have to do this now or the anger of ethnic French will be justified. Silence, under the present circumstances, is complicity.

However, there was a group there with banner and flags in a totally unacceptable attempt to take advantage of the hideous killings.  The Union of Jewish Students in France, a pro-Israeli Lobby, complete with their star of David, was a sick attempt to give the killings a different color.  What happened on January 7 has nothing to do with Palestinians’ struggle against the murderous apartheid regime Israel has imposed on the occupied territories.