Turkey: France Allows Islamic Extremist Butcher Erdogan to Preach Violence in Strasbourg.


12,000 Turks rally in Strasbourg to hear Erdogan’s Islamic message


Erdogan in Strasbourg, Oct. 4, 2015

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on October 4, laid out his view for an Islamic nationalist country before 12,000 Turkish immigrants in which he attacked Kurdish “terrorism” but not a word about the Islamic extremists operating in Syria and for good reason: Erdogan supports them. Continue reading →

France – Identity: Playing the Christian White Race Card


Nadine Morano, Euro Deputy and Former Minister under Nicolas Sarkozy

France is a country of the white race with Judeo-Christian roots.” This sentence by conservative euro-deputy and former minister, Nadine Morano, has the country turned upside-down. Continue reading →

France’s ‘Muslim Problem’ is above all a refusal to identify it.

UnknownFrance does not know how many Muslims, Arabs or Blacks live in the country because there is no ethnic census.  For 25 years, government has put the number of Muslims at four million but demographics would suggest it is much higher. An ethnic census would show France has a ‘Muslim problem,’ the first step towards fixing it. Continue reading →

Babying the Butchers

France wants to cajole its radical muslim youth, offer them special high school and technical education in free housing centers with case workers constantly at their sides as Denmark is trying to do.  In a country with over five million unemployed, a growing poverty rate and an income tax burden which weighs very heavily on the middle class, this is fodder for the National Front canons. Continue reading →

France: Jewish Lobbies attack Free Speech

A trial held in Paris Friday could make it illegal in France to criticize Israel. Continue reading →