France – Identity: Playing the Christian White Race Card

Nadine Morano, Euro Deputy and Former Minister under Nicolas Sarkozy

France is a country of the white race with Judeo-Christian roots.” This sentence by conservative euro-deputy and former minister, Nadine Morano, has the country turned upside-down.

Her Republican Party leader, Nicolas Sarkozy has thrown her out, calling her “completely nuts.” Others in the party are also distancing themselves from her. Talk shows are inundated with politicians vying for the most ‘politically correct’ voice-byte of the day.  “There is only one race. The human race.” they all say.

The Left Front group is calling on parliament to remove the word ‘race’ from the constitution which says in its preamble “France is an indivisible, secular, democratic and social Republic.  It assures equality before the law to all citizens without distinction of origin, race or religion.”

It is easy to cross the line in this country where racism is a crime punishable by prison and a fine.  What is becoming more difficult is to define ‘racism.’ A movement has been launched in France to condemn as racism those who express their dislike for Islam. Others are taxed with racism for expressing a French ‘cultural preference.’

The far right National Front says “France is a multi-ethnic but uni-cultural country.” Its leader, Marine Le Pen, said she does not want Blacks from the French overseas departments “who are French” to be confused with Malians and other Africans of another culture.

Nicolas Sarkozy as President of France tried to launch a national debate to define ‘French Identity.’ The move was taxed as “racist and divisive” by the left. Those on the right accuse the left of demagogy to gain votes from the naturalized Muslim immigrant population now that they no longer have the support of French low-paid workers.

One conservative politician, Philippe de Villiers, has come out in support of Morano calling the polemic “ridiculous.” Although de Villiers agrees France was a “white race country at its origins” he admits today it is multi-ethnic. However, he says “if they are coming down on her today, it is because there is a Muslim preference” in the country.

Christianophobia is an opinion.” De Villiers said Thursday on the BFM TV news station. “You have the right to desecrate the cross of Christ, but Islamophobia is a crime.  If I say something about Islam, here and now, I risk prison.”

Although disliking Islam may not be a crime, inciting to dislike it certainly could land you in court. France is caught up in its web of legislating what opinions people are allowed to express and voice.

The reality is, where earlier waves of Polish, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese immigrants totally assimilated, the post-1960 Muslim and African waves is a total failure. Morano would argue those earlier immigrants were “Christians of the white race.”