EU – Migration: The Time to Act was Yesterday!

Migrants continue to make their way to Europe and Europeans are showing their discontent more and more at the ballot boxes. Yet, many in Europe still argue more are welcome. The European experiment of integrating those from other cultures is a failure and more will make matters worse.

“The sympathetic ‘bobos’ practice avoidance themselves by their choice of place of residence and, even more, by that of the schools they send their children to (…) They celebrate mixing (of cultures) and they flee promiscuity.”  Alain Finkelkraut, French philosopher

Often, the arguments in favor of more immigration have racist undertones despite coming from left-leaning well-meaners. One of the favorites is: “they do the jobs our people won’t do.” This  implies that menial and poor-paying jobs should  be left to those below “our standards.” It also shows the elitism of middle-class liberals who have a condescending attitude towards certain jobs, no matter how necessary they are to society. And thirdly, it shows they are not willing to pay more for much needed services and produce to allow those doing the work to live decently off their labor.

There is no shortage of untrained, or even skilled labor in Europe. Youth unemployment in Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain (aka the PIGS) is between 40% and 50%. In France, it is 25% and as high as 45% in the housing projects where most of the migrant communities live.

The result is a ‘Clash of Civilizations’ where Sharia Courts flourish in Britain and no-go zones in French housing projects allow gangs to terrorize residents. These gangs, often dealing in drugs and other illicit activity, are adopting ‘Islam’ as an identity opposed to the country which welcomed their parents and grandparents. The social fabric is unraveling and Western European countries are deeply divided between those of European stock and those of migration background.

But migration is also splitting Europeans among themselves. In Germany, Merkel’s Bavarian allies in the CSU are warning of a split over the migration question. For the first time since WWII, the CSU failed to gain a majority in Bavaria in September as the anti-immigrant Alternative for Deutschland party made strong inroads. Bavaria has state elections in March.

In Austria the populist FPO Freedom Party came in second in legislative elections in October even  though the Conservative ÖVP party moved so far right it was sometimes hard to see the difference between the two. In France, the National Front made it to the second round of presidential elections and showed, despite an unfair voting system, they are one of the country’s strongest forces. British voters opted, albeit by a small majority, to leave the EU over the migration question.

But in Brussels and other Western European capitals, it seems, politicians and technocrats are not seeing the signs. Nor are they naming the problem. I have gone back to Samuel Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations and revised my opinion under the present circumstances. There is a failure to integrate and a growing desire to impose other forms of life on the countries which welcomed the migrants. Islamic terrorism is just the tip of the iceberg. Young French born people with migrant background can be seen more and more wearing ‘Islamic Garb’ manifesting their Salifist trends. Something their parents and grandparents did not do.

In the Parisian suburb of Clichy, the mayor and some one hundred elected representatives marched on November 10 to prevent 1000 hardline Muslims from illegally occupying the street in the business district for Friday prayers, loud speakers included. They are trying to force the government to put an end to a practice which has been going on for eight months. This is a serious escalation in potential confrontation. (1)

These street prayers are taking place around France, despite strict laws on the secular nature of the country and when and where religion may be practiced. Meanwhile the French High Court has ruled the city a Bézier cannot have a Nativity scene at City Hall for Christmas. The Council of State ruled that Christmas nativity scenes are legal in other public spaces as long as they are not proselytising, but rather cultural or artistic events. The problem is for many French, Christmas is their culture.

“Fully 65% of all asylum seekers in Germany between 2015 and 2017 were male, more than 50% were below the age of 24.”

Another falsehood being spread is the migrants are families fleeing war. According to studies  Fully 65% of all asylum seekers in Germany between 2015 and 2017 were male, more than 50% were below the age of 24.” A quarter of them were under the age of 15. The cost to the German tax payer of taking in all these new-comers (1% of the German population in 2015) is estimated at 100 billion euros over five years, according to the German government.

We are not far from the 1960s when European capitalists sought cheap, and deliberately seeking illiterate labor, in former colonies to work in their factories, often to the detriment of domestic workers because the migrants kept wages down and weakened unions. Things started going south in the 70s when two things happened:

    • Europe decided to allow immigrant labor to bring their families to the countries they migrated to;
    • Europe modernized its industry doing away with many labor intensive jobs reserved for migrants.

In a bid to avoid “parallel societies” like in France or Britain, Germany is concentrating on language skills, cultural education, job training and employment. Only nine percent of those who arrived in 2015 had a job a year later. Meanwhile, Europe is drowning in its own unemployed who see the new arrivals as a threat to their economic well-being and culture. Social welfare payments in Germany for asylum seekers was 5.3 billion Euros in 2015 and 21.7 billion Euros in 2016, which included welfare and integration measures.

Lest one think people who reject continued massive migration are heartless, let me be clear: This money would be spent much better in development aid and education in their countries of origin with European financed and monitored camps in the Middle East and Africa. It will take at least a generation to help these people get their feet on the ground, reduce population growth, empower women and educate the youth. But if nothing is done right now, then the massive arrivals of 2015-2016 will be only the fore-winds of a hurricane on the horizon.

The West must also stop meddling in the affairs of other countries. The US led/instigated wars in Iraq, Syria and Libya have destabilized three continents. French military interventions in Africa don’t help either.

Literally, hundreds of millions will be pushing at the gates and this will destroy Europe from within, no less than the tribes fleeing the Huns destroyed the Roman Empire from within.

1. The mayor has given Muslims in Clichy two sites at which to pray but the worshippers complain they are too far from the center of town.