NATO is brain dead.”

Pull The Plug. Nail Its Coffin Shut!

In an interview with the Economist published November 7, French President Emanuel Macron said:NATO is brain dead.” After nearly three years of attacks by President Trump and a rapprochement of NATO member Turkey with Russia, here yet is another nail in the coffin of an alliance that should have died with the fall of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union in 1991.

Without the Soviet threat (1), NATO’s raison d’être disappeared, which was a problem Bill Clinton (2) understood well. The solution was to change NATO from a defense pact to an alliance of aggression. Enter the fall of Yugoslavia and America’s march to make war, epitomized in Rambouillet in 1999 (3)

French President François Mitterrand (4) warned against recognizing the independence of the different Yugoslav Republics saying “they are not ready.” Mitterrand’s idea was to accompany them in negotiating their divorce. But two things precipitated the acts which favored Clinton’s desire to maintain NATO despite the death of its adversary: Chancellor Kohl wanted to annex the former East Germany and Berlin was ready to carry out an Anschluss on Slovenia, an historic dominion.

France and Britain were alarmed by a German reunification. Margaret Thatcher told Gorbachev in 1989 “We don’t want a united Germany.” (click here) Mitterrand saw the threat to European unity with a Germany which would once again become ‘too strong.’ The Euro was imposed on Germany as a condition for reunification, a hope it would tie Berlin down, but Mitterrand was still furious. (click here)

“I love Germany so much I’m glad there are two of them. “

Francois Mauriac

In exchange for recognizing Slovenia’s independence, as Chancellor Helmut Kohl requested (5), Clinton gave his backing to the German reunification. From there things went very quickly. Belgrade was in no position to put down the Slovenian independence move as Croatia and Bosnia followed suit as soon as they knew they had US and German backing. Fighting broke out everywhere which was the pretext Clinton needed to make NATO a Pact of Aggression under the banner of “Humanitarian Intervention.”

Nato — Empowering Jihad for 40 years

NATO intervened against countries who had never attacked a NATO member: Serbia and Bosnian Serbs who were fighting a brutal war against a Muslim Army composed also of thousands of al Qaeda Jihadis imported from Afghanistan and elsewhere with Saudi financing and US/Israeli complicity (click here). Ten years later, al Qaeda was training Jihadis in its Bosnian bases as The Irish Times reported in 2005 (click here)(and this from the BBC in 2015).

French President Macron just discovered Bosnia is full of Islamist Jihadis, or at least that is what he said early this November 2019 (click here al Jazeera). Their presence was signaled in Bosnia from the beginning (click here/BBC). In the 1989, I personally came across Turkish-trained Kosovaars in Pristina involved in paramilitary activity against the Serbian police. Once the US empowered al Qaeda and Taliban defeated the Soviets, they began exporting to Europe and the Balkans.

Then came Clinton’s totally fabricated war in Kosovo which based outrageous demands (3), fomented on an imaginary genocide (click here and here) with NATO intervening in support of the KLA group listed terrorist until just a few months before the intervention (click here). Carla Del Ponte had to quit her job as War Crimes prosecutor when she wanted to charge KLA leaders for horrendous acts before, during and following the war (click here and here) notably for trafficking in human organs to finance the KLA.

It’s all about regime change baby!

Why stop there? Bush called for NATO aid in attacking Iraq; some answered the call but France’s President Chirac and Schroeder’s Germany said: “no way.” Then NATO attacked Libya, once again on a fabricated threat (click here) to wipe out the whole population of Benghazi, but what was really aimed at regime change (click here). As Republicans like to say today : “Read the transcript!” This is Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton, not Trump. Bill Clinton did the same thing with Milosevic eleven years earlier: take a few words out of context, invent a genocide, call for “Humanitarian Intervention.”

NATO did come to American aid in Afghanistan under the banner of mutual defense but mutual defense against whom? Eighteen years later, we are still allowed to ask that question. Afghanistan: Easy to invade; Hard to fight; Impossible to get out of.

NATO was used to attack Syria and, like in Bosnia and Kosovo, but on a much larger scale, by backing the worst Sunni extremist Jihadi groups linked to al Qaeda (click here) and (click here) and others in a bid at more regime change. This is Obama and Clinton and Kerry, not Trump.

At the same time, not satisfied with moving NATO right up on Russia’s border despite American promises (James Baker) to Gorbachev this would never happen, (click here), Clinton and her war-mongering girls, Victoria Nuland (6) and Susan Rice, moved in on Ukraine, a straw Russia would not allow. Crimea was never Ukrainian except in the drunken mind of Kruschev in 1954 to whom he handed over administrative management. Crimea was Soviet at that time and only really became Ukrainian in 1991 with independence.

Obama/Biden had found the perfect storm to weaken Russia, drive a wedge between Russia and the EU and further strengthen the aggressive role of NATO while making corrupt and fascist elements, in some cases Nazis (click here), in Ukraine victims of “Russian aggression.” (and click here)

The United States knew Russia would push back against NATO encroachment as it did with Georgia in Ossetia in 2008. The United States knew Russia would draw a red line in Ukraine. But they misread Russia’s determination to defend its only warm water port in Syria. Washington also misread how far the Islamic Erdogan in Turkey was willing to go to advance his Muslim Brotherhood allies and the other cut-throat Jihadi killers he is using in Syria. Turkey is flaunting its NATO allies by defending and employing Europe’s Islamist enemies who are committing war crimes, (click here and here) and attacking its friends such as the Kurds. Turkey is buying advanced Russia weapons like the SS-400. The US threatened to cancel the deal to sell Ankara F-35s, but Erdogan seemed to say : ’no problem. I’ll just buy Russian SU-57 and SU-35s.’

And what happens if Syria defends itself against the Turkish invasion or the American occupation of its oil fields and daily US bombings of its country? Does NATO come to Turkey’s, and by extension, the Jihadi Islamist’s, rescue? And who will they find in front of them? Yesterday’s allies the Kurds for sure. But what about Russia?


1.When it comes to NATO; Who can blame Russia for feeling insecure? From a purely Defensive pact of 12, NATO has: “Since its founding, the admission of new member states has increased the alliance from the original 12 countries to 29. The most recent member state to be added to NATO is Montenegro on 5 June 2017. NATO currently recognizes Bosnia and HerzegovinaGeorgiaNorth Macedonia and Ukraine as aspiring members.[5] An additional 21 countries participate in NATO’s Partnership for Peace program, with 15 other countries involved in institutionalized dialogue programs. The combined military spending of all NATO members constitutes over 70% of the global total.[6] Members have committed to reach or maintain defense spending of at least 2% of GDP by 2024.” Taken from Wikipedia, click here.

2. Bill Clinton, 1993 (click here): “We have an interest in showing that NATO, history’s greatest military alliance, remains a credible force for peace in post-cold-war Europe,” the President said. “We have an interest in stemming the destabilizing flows of refugees that this horrible conflict is creating. And we clearly have a humanitarian interest in helping to prevent the strangulation of Sarajevo and the continuing slaughter of innocents in Bosnia.” Meanwhile the Saudis were financing the arrival of al Qaeda Jihadis from Afghanistan and elsewhere with full American knowledge.

3. NATO’s last minute demand at Rambouillet: “Nato personnel shall enjoy, together with their vehicles, vessels, aircraft and equipment, free and unrestricted passage and unimpeded access throughout the FRY (Federal Republic of Yugolsavia) including associated air space and territorial waters. This shall include but not be limited to, the right of bivouac, manoeuvre, billet and utilisation of any areas or facilities as required for support, training and operations.” Rambouillet March 1999. (click here) These are the same demands Austria tried to impose in 1914 which led to the First World War. No country can open its borders to foreign armies. This article on the conditions from The Independent by Robert Fisk sums up fairly well the US wanted war. (click here)

4. The excerpt below is taken from page 327 of Mitterrand, the End of the Cold War, and German Unification. Frédéric Bozo, (click here)

5.Here is an excerpt that shows in June 1991, despite French reticence, Kohl went ahead with his plans for Anschluss in Slovenia taken from Germany and the recognition of Slovenia and Croatia, by Tomáš Zipfel in Perspectives 6/7 (1996) click here:

6.Imagine if Russia had sent a Foreign Ministry number two to hand out oranges to violent anti-Obama or anti-Trump supporters in Washington who were determined to invade Congress and the White House in order to show Russian support for the opposition? Click here to see Nuland interfering in Ukrainian affairs while preparing the coup. Nuland also sabotaged EU attempts to bring order to Kiev and prevent fascists from taking over in a phone call famously intercepted by the Russians. Click here

7.Lest we forget the 42 ethnic Russians killed in Odessa in May (click here) with full police complicity and the fact the new Ukraine’s first vote was to ban the Russian language. Repealed under European pressure only when it provoked the beginning of a civl war in the east. Funny how the West never demanded an investigation of the Odessa massacre. As far as I know, nobody has been prosecuted but the whole thing was filmed! RT showed citizen journalist pictures which need no comment. (Click Here YouTube video)

The US has backed 21 of Syria’s 28 crazy militias.