War Mongers Impeach Trump

I am afraid the impeachment proceedings in DC have as much to do with rewriting history to make war as they do about getting rid of Donald Trump. The fact the press refuses to challenge the anti-Russian hysteria and set the facts straight is worrisome. Could hate for Trump be so great they are ready to stumble into yet another war?

What if the case was all because President Trump rejects needless war with Russia?

The Preamble

The US would have us believe “Russia invaded Ukraine” and that “Ukraine is at war with Russia,” and that the US and the EU have to get military hardware to Ukraine right away or the Russians will swarm all over Eastern Europe and sweep as far as the Rhein. Testimonies in Washington against Donald Trump have been as much about frightening the public, rattling sabres and preparing for war as they have been about impeaching a lying president.

WARNING: Apparently, if you are opposed to war for greed; if you are opposed to belligerent and dangerous Nato expansion (Eastern Europe) and aggression (Kosovo, Libya, Syria); if you believe foreign, hostile, armies should not be pushed up on Russia’s borders with nuclear warheads seconds away; if you are against Western instigated regime change as in Ukraine-2014; then you are “a Russian Troll.”  I am not a Russian Troll!

Is Trump’s Biggest Sin Refusal of War ?

For over two weeks of impeachment hearings we heard Congresspeople and witnesses speak of “the Russian invasion of Ukraine” as if the Russian Army had rolled over the border and attacked its neighbour. They say this because they want to avoid discussion of the nature of the 2014 coup in Kiev orchestrated by the US and the EU (1) in a bid to push Nato further against Russia’s borders, and the fact that the war in Ukraine is a civil war between two Ukrainian ethnicities: those who call themselves Ukrainian and those of Russian ethnicity who are also Ukrainians. And they certainly don’t want to talk about a US backed government just as corrupt as the one Washington helped oust.

We don’t know the whole story of what happened in Maiden Square in 2014 except that at least 50 people died. The BBC wrote a year later: “At the time, riot police were blamed for the deaths, but they were not the only ones shooting that day.(2) We know of the leading role in anti-government protests of neo-Nazis who are still a growing threat today. (3) But we needn’t think long to realize what would happen if anti-Trump protesters stormed Congress and the White House as happened in Kiev in 2014.

And nobody in DC wants to talk about the Ukrainian actions prior to the revolt in the industrial east and south: the attempt to ban the Russian language, which continues today, (4) the murdering of 42 ethnic Russians in Odessa (5) in May, 2014, and, of course, the justified fear that Kiev was out to disenfranchise them. They revolted against a perceived threat to their identity and homeland.

Nobody denies Russian volunteers are in Ukraine helping their Ukrainian ethnic brothers and sisters fight against what they perceive as an existential menace; nor that Moscow is supporting the Ukrainian ethnic Russian revolt. In Washington, one would believe that, ‘The Ukraine’ has been fighting against “Russian aggression” for centuries as if there had always been a Ukraine.


Through-out history one would be hard put to find a country called Ukraine. There was no Ukrainian Crimea, at least not until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. Soviet Ukraine was not an independent country but a Soviet (council) ruled by the Communist Party in Moscow. In 1954, Nikita Kruschev gave the administration of Crimea to the Ukrainian Soviet based in Kiev.  Before that, it had been fought over by Byzantium, Rus, Khazaria, then the Mongols, the Ottomans and eventually the Russians but no Ukraine in the history books that I can see. Crimea has been a Russian military base since the Russo-Turkic War in 1768.

Ukraine at the time of the Bolshevik Revolution was torn between different powers, notably Austria-Hungary and Russia. Several short lived attempts when the Tzar fell by nationalists, anarchists, and socialists to form Ukrainian States were put down rapidly, especially in the West where Poland crushed the self-proclaimed West Ukrainian People’s Republic.

Ukraine in Russian means “borderlands” and that is what it has always tended to be. I don’t mean to deny the Ukrainians their identity. It is just that too many countries are building a nationalist identity on a fabricated history and a dangerous agenda.

There was a city state called Kiev Rus (Scandinavians, you know, Vikings) formed around 880 and destroyed by the Mongol invasion of the XIII century.  The same invasion that destroyed the Khazar Empire of the Caucuses which had converted to Judaism between the V and the VII centuries. It was the Mongol invasion which sent Jewish Khazar survivors fleeing towards Crimea, thus the origin of the European Jews or Ashkenazi. (6)

What is today Ukraine has bounced around different powers for over 700 years until the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. When The Ukraine gained independence for the first time in its history in 1991, there was never any question of Russia giving up its centuries old bases there. The 2014 Crimean Referendum showed “97% of the Crimeans wanted to be part of Russia” and not Ukraine. Even if some may dispute the legitimacy of the referendum, nobody disputes this is the Will of the people living there. (7)

The tragic Crimean War was fought between Russia on one side, and Turkey, the UK and France on the other.  The Europeans wanted to bolster declining Ottoman power against a more assertive Russia.  The result? The Balkan wars of the 1990s, which I trace directly back to the 1850s war, not to mention a Serbian nationalist bullet which killed Arch Duke Ferdinand in a Muslim European city and sent the Continent into WWI.

I won’t go into how many Ukrainian nationalists and Tartars collaborated with the Nazis to exterminate Jews and Communists. (8) The anti-fascist resistance was led by the Communist Party but according to military sources was not really effective. (9) As many as ten million Ukrainians died during the Nazi occupation of Ukraine. 

Today Ukrainian neo-Nazis parade in Kiev and Lvov, and even in the government and parliament, as part of the western backed anti-Russian front. (10)

The Lies Are Repeated Over & Over Again

When the West demands Crimea be “given back to Ukraine,” I don’t know what they are talking about? What “illegal annexation” are they referring to? That Boris Yeltsin allowed Kiev to rule over Crimea on paper? Or that Russia, in 2010, extended its lease until 2042 in exchange for natural gas? 

Cuba has a legitimate and historic claim to Guantanamo. Ukraine has none on Crimea.

But when the lie “Russia invaded Ukraine” can be repeated over and over again in Washington without the press stepping in to give context, background and interpretation, one must wonder if there is not a hidden agenda to fool the American public into supporting yet another war?

The Civi War in Ukraine is a tragedy and it is not only the’ consequence’ of Western meddling; it is ‘what the West wants.’ I am sure one day history books will point out, like in Kosovo, “the West created a crisis to create a crisis” and push Russia’s buttons. There is little difference to what happened in the 2008 Russian – Georgian War when Moscow put its foot down and said: “No! Georgia will not be a member of Nato. We are not letting Nato set up on our southern border.

The independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia was just the sideshow.


1: Protesters in Maiden were also funded and trained by Western pollsters and professional consultants who were partly funded by Western government and non-government agencies as well as domestic oligarchs opposed to the pro-Russian oligarchs. According to The Guardian, the foreign donors included the U.S. State Department and USAID along with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, The International Republican Institute, the US government funded NGO Freedom House and George Soros’s Open Society Institute. Click here, The Guardian (26 November 2004)

2: For the BBC story a year after Maiden trying to figure out who else was shooting click here  

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4: In October 2019, Kiev voted a law limiting the use of Russian seen as another step towards banning it click here for Daily Telegraph story and click here for Reuters story but the city of Lviv did outlaw Russian last year click here.

5: This story from the BBC click here The killings were never investigated however there is plenty of video on the internet which shows Ukrainian police allowing the ultra-nationalists to slip in and out of their lines indicating complicity.

6: The Israeli geneticist, Eran Elhaik, demonstrated in a study of European Jews published in 2012 that the Ashkenazi descend from the Khazars of the Caucuses and not the Middle East: click here to read his findings in Oxford Academic . This thesis had long been supported by historians, especially the Israeli and anti-Zionist Professor, Shlomo Sand, (see The Invention of the Jewish People, 2008). Many Zionists opposed the science until it was finally officially accepted by Israel: click here to see this article from The Times of Israel.

7: Arguments in favor of recognizing the legitimacy of the 2014 Crimean Referendum don’t get much attention in the Western Media but they are worth listening to, if for nothing else, just to get the other side of the story.  Click Here  

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10: Even high ranking officials are glorifying the past Nazis: Click Here.

NOTE: Funny how in certain cases the West wants the Will of the people to be respected such as in Chechnya and East Timor, and in others not so much such as in Bolivia, Catalonia or Crimea.