On Islamophobia, China Flu, Cultural Intolerance and Cancel Culture

Preamble: This is hard to write as it takes me to the limits of what is considered legal speech in many European countries, including the country of my residence: France. It is the result of a long discussion with a “Woke” young Euro-American activist woman.

First, it must be made clear that I know few Americans who have acted so boldly against America’s behavior and interference and wars of aggression around the world, or its treatment of minorities at home as I have. But I refuse to be Cancel-Cultured into remaining silent on the unacceptable by the Politically Correct.

Dear Ms X, I see your fear and anger in my global, broad-brush, strokes, painting people, nationalities, tribes or countries  as a whole for criticism. And I must reiterate that if I share, in appearance, criticism with some who are racist, anti-semitic, fascist, etc., it does not make me one.

A vegetarian is not a Nazi because Hitler was a vegetarian. An environmentalist is not a US Imperialist aggressor because Teddy Roosevelt founded the National Parks. I am not an antisemite because I condemn Israel in the harshest terms and support BDS.

Unacceptable Cultural Traits

If a people, tribe, religion, country or ethnicity as a whole have practices I find reprehensible; practices they tolerate, promote or choose to ignore, then I have the right to condemn them as a group, even though individuals within that group may agree with my opprobrium.

I have spent much of my career in countries where I fought tooth-and-nail against excision. No, cutting a young girls clitoris with a razor blade or knife, usually without anesthesia, is not a family choice, nor an acceptable national tradition to be respected, nor a religious aspect that, as an outsider, I must tolerate; no more than I would accept Maya, Aztec and Inca human sacrifice.

I am told by White, comfortable, do-gooders in the North that I am an intolerant chauvinist and I am practicing neo-colonial and even imperialist behavior by pretending to go to these countries and tell them how to behave.

How many times in those countries have women, who had been cut, come up to me after the training sessions, in the dark, or at a bar, restaurant or hotel, where nobody was listening in, to thank me for speaking out? When French President Emanuel Macron told Africans in 2017, that women having seven or eight children was preventing development and that this had to stop, he was right. And who can forget Sarkozy’s speech in Dakar in 2007about “Africans not writing themselves into history” which made such a scandal?

“The tragedy of Africa is that the African has never really entered into history … They have never really launched themselves into the future,”

Nicolas Sarkozy, 2007

As an aside, it is interesting to note how many countries have passed laws against excision or to fight galloping demography in exchange for, or as a condition for, continued western aid, without ever having the intention of enforcing those laws, whether it be slavery in Mauritania or excision in Mali (click for more info). Yet, western countries continue to throw money at them and these countries continue to send their Malthusian unwanted population to our shores.

It is also curious that those who say, “We don’t have the luxury of time” when it comes to climate change are the same who speak about taking our time towards people in these countries because “poverty and illiteracy” are the cause of cultural, religious, and tribal practices that are destroying the Earth and their own countries, not to mention putting great strain on our own infrastructures and social fabrics. And I say: “we don’t have the luxury of time” to let these cultures continue their practices until they are where we are on questions of demography. (for more on the dangers to Europe & Africa this book review on Stephan Smith’s La Ruée vers l’Europe)

As a Chadian Minister of Communications once told me: “We didn’t invent the wheel.” Ah, but they know how to use it.

“Today’s danger to Africa is civilizational…the demographic transition which is one of the essential challenges to Africa. In a country which still counts seven or eight children per woman, you can decide to throw billions of euros; you will stabilize nothing.”

Emmanuel Macron, July 8, 2017

The China Flu & Islamo-gauchisme

So, I feel every right to condemn the Chinese for allowing people to eat certain things, and encroaching further on nature, which are making us sick and destroying our economies and livelihoods and which they have done, over the years, time and again. (Bill Maher sums it up well, YouTube 4/20)

One way of doing this is to stigmatize them by calling it “The China Flu” because, let’s face it, they eat things people should not eat in markets where wild animals are put together who should not be there at all and as a group of people, they promote, or tolerate, or back, or practice this. And I support all those Chinese who feel as I do but are denied the freedom to speak out against these “cultural” practices.

Does that make me a racist?

While in Vietnam, I saw many things which disturbed me. I just told myself it is up to their cultural choices because they didn’t affect me such as eating rats and snakes and butchering puppies for wedding banquets. 

I enjoyed they ate rats because there are so many of them in Vietnam until I wondered, just maybe, whether there were so many rats because they were eating all the snakes? Anyway, that is their problem, not mine.

What is an Islamophobe

So, now we come to the question of Islam in our countries and the massive Muslim immigration over the past 40 years. Many leftists say criticizing “traditionalist” Muslims who want girls to cover their head, ban girls from going to the swimming pool, forbid us to draw pictures of Mohammed, ban Blasphemy, and even give precedence to Sharia in Muslim areas, is a form of intolerance, national preference, and even racism. (Read Mila’s story here)

Thousands of French Muslims threatened to kill Mila for blasphemy and lesbianism.

Yes, racists and national ‘identitarians‘ recently banned in France, say the same thing. But when I see a young, French born women, walking in Sharia clothing, covered from head to foot, I see the political statement of intent to impose theological fascism on this country; much like if I walked around town in an SS uniform with a Swastika arm band. Radical, political, Islamists love these leftests for their warm-hearted support against “Islamophobia” which is something I claim is not racism.

I have to be careful how I phrase the following because of laws in France, and the EU, on what is considered “Free Speech” and what is considered “Hate Speech,” and there are many who say criticizing Islam is racist speech and racism in France is considered a crime, not an opinion. I pity the atheists.

Am I an Islamophobe in the sense that I fear attempts to impose on me a totalitarian, theological, system I have seen in different Islamic Republics around the world? I do not want to live in that kind of society, nor do I want to see those practices imposed on the country of the Enlightenment. Islamophobia under this definition, is not racism. It is common sense. I reject any theological, fascist regime, whether Christian Evangelical or Muslim Fundamentalist or Zionist apartheid.

Need I say, I have no problem with Muslims I meet in the street any more than Buddhists or Jews? I have less of a problem with a pacifist, Buddhist, praying in front of his alter, agitating against eating meat, than I do of Muslims threatening to kill a teenage girl for Blasphemy because, as an atheist, she said what she thought of Islamist practices, notably the Quran’s order (or click here)to kill homosexuals. (Mila’s story here)

But the reality is that it should not be for me to condemn these acts or support the girl. It is Muslims who say they support freedom and claim they have moved to our countries for the better life those freedoms provide, to speak out en masse against the obscurantists looking to impose the Ummah. I am still waiting.

Poster denouncing “Swindlers of Islamophobia” Paris, 10/20

On November 11, 2019, French leftists joined Islamists, such as the Muslim Brotherhood, for a demonstration to denounce Islamophobia in front of the Bataclan where Islamist gunmen killed 130 people and left 416 injured, 100 critically, on November 15, 2015. The French, do-gooder, leftists took a knee while the Islamists chanted Allah O Akbar! Yes, I am called a racist because I denounce these pricks and their political agenda.

The Islamic organizations involved in that demonstration have since been disbanded by the French government in Macron’s “fight against political Islam.


But I am an equal opportunity disparager and open to criticism from all kinds of religions, cultures and groups. I have written in my blog on “The New Anti-Semitism” in France but that doesn’t protect me from attacks by the pro-Israeli Jewish lobby.

The right-wing, Algerian born, polemicist, Eric Zemmour, puts it best when he says, “I am not a French Jew. I am a Jewish Frenchman.” I wish more of his fellow Jews in the country would feel the same.

That was the introduction. Now the hammer:

I reject any country based on the superiority of a race, religion, ethnicity, tribe , etc., and Israel is all these things. Right wing anti-semites also attack Israel. Does that make me an anti-semite too? Even if I would see the end of the state of Israel and have it replaced by a multi-cultural, pluralistic, inclusive, democratic society rather than the Apartheid State practicing a form of Athenian Democracy we see today; A State which carries out with impunity, acts of violence, murder and aggression which would label any other country as state terrorist?

So, not all cultures, traditions, religions are equal and should be globally tolerated. And no, we don’t have that much more time to get it right.