Tomorrow the World: FDR’s Roadmap for U.S. Imperialism

Cabals and conspiracies exist and should not be shunned aside because of Q-crazies. Stephan Wertheim’s book “Tomorrow the World: The Birth of U.S. Global Supremacy” (Harvard, 2020), illustrates exhaustively that the blueprint of everything evil the U.S. has done in the world over the past 80 years, was devised in the highest circles of U.S. power between 1939 and Pearl Harbor.

What is baffling is that so many who are ready to condemn American aggression and folly in Vietnam, Iraq, or Afghanistan, still try to find justification for the U.S. as a defender of some elusive “liberty” which required 500,000 people to be killed in a military coup in Indonesia, a brutal dictatorship installed in Iran which led to the Islamic Republic, up to four million killed in Vietnam, a million in Iraq and the list is endless.

Wertheim demonstrates clearly that the stated goal of this horror was to ensure American capitalists get first picks, impose their Will including by military force when “persuasion” doesn’t work. The book is a must read to understand how the U.S. got on the road to inflicting pain on the world for the past 80 years.

The cure is this: to accept wholeheartedly our duty in the world and in consequence to exert upon the world the full impact of our influence, for such purposes as we see fit and by such means as we see fit.

Henry Luce, The American Century, Life Magazine, Feb. 17, 1941.

There is no justification

I don’t understand how one can call Wertheim’s book ”hindsight” when it is the first time all this was put together in such a way that even pro-imperialists have to confess that the past 80 years of U.S. ‘Crimes’ is the result of a conspiracy at the top under FDR? To say the U.S. had no choice because of the Cold War is simply a false-hearted ‘post-justification’ of a thing that didn’t exist when the plans for global dominance were drawn up.

How can one criticise Vietnam, the Gulf War, the Iraq invasion and the Afghanistan fiasco (just to name a few) when they all obeyed the rule book created between 1939 and Pearl Harbor behind the backs of the American people? After Wilson’s betrayal and lying to get America into WWI, and that post-war disaster, we could say: “First Time Tragedy. Second Time Farce.”

FDR gave UK 50 destroyers in 1940 violating US neutrality.

What Rome was to the ancient world, what Great Britain has been to the modern world, America is to be to the world of tomorrow.

Walter Lippmann, The American Destiny, Life, June 5, 1939.

Wertheim demonstrates that for nearly three years, a Cabal at the very highest levels, secretly conspired to get the US into WWII despite 80% public opinion against involvement (1939-40), took sides thus betraying neutrality, including giving the UK 50 destroyers in 1940 without going through Congress, provoked Japan, planned to rule supreme after the war as the world’s uncontested super power, ready to use military force to impose U.S. Will in the interests of American capital, devised a toothless paper-tiger called the ‘U.N.’ to convince U.S. public opinion that what was about to happen is multi-lateral;

That this gave us endless coups (Iran, Indonesia, Chile…), civil wars, famines, military interventions and U.S. Wars from Korea to Afghanistan, leading to the deaths of tens of millions of people over the past 80 years.

One may ask: “if not the US, then who?” My answer is nobody. Actually, we could have let the Germans and Soviets slug it out and watch the British Empire shrivel up, or we could have engaged in dialogue and commerce as the ‘internationalists‘ like Congressman Robert Taft, among others, tried to argue until they were effectively labelled “isolationists” by the “interventionists” after Pearl Harbor.

The Cold War is used today as a justification for naked “imperialism” but there was no idea of a Cold War in 1940, nor of a Soviet Super Power which the U.S. helped create in the first place.

The King is Naked

Wertheim’s book shows clearly how U.S. Capitalist expansion and domination needed ‘useful idiots’ like France & the UK and a boogeyman like the USSR (now Russia) to justify aggression (Serbia, Libya, Syria) and Coups (Ukraine, Nicaragua). All that too was written into the planning.

The recent Brown University Report on how U.S. defense contractors profited from the war in Afghanistan is just the latest example of what the U.S. has been doing since World War Two. It is this military industrial complex that Eisenhower warned us about and which was drawn up in those years prior to Pearl Harbor.

This spiral of U.S. “Interventionist” aggression with the backing of a few junior partners has not made the world a better place. Wealth inequality in the U.S. and many other countries is as bad as it was in the 19th Century and perhaps even under the Ancien Régime as Thomas Picketty’s book ‘Capital and Ideology’ points out so well.