Steve Bannon has Plans for French Elections & Eric Zemmour

Steve Bannon has plans for France and is taking a keen interest in the rising right-wing pundit, Eric Zemmour, a French born Berber (North African Arab) Jew who wants to Make France Great Again.

French ‘War Room’ Coming to You Soon

Taken from Le Parisien Twitter post

Bannon told the French daily Le Parisien, Nov. 13, “France is a Laboratory.” He plans on launching a French version of his podcast ‘War Room’ in late January or early February; in time to influence next year’s presidential and legislative elections.

Although in the past, Bannon has spoken at meetings of the far right Rassemblement National, RN (National Assembly party) of Marine Le Pen, he now says Eric Zemmour “is an interesting phenomenon” and would like to translate Zemmour’s latest book, ‘France Has Not Said Its Last Word’ into English.

Even though Zemmour is being attacked on all sides as a “racist,” “fascist,”“Macron’s agent to divide the right,” and even an “anti-Semite” although he is a practicing Jew, Zemmour has tied Le Pen in the Polls to face Macron in the second round of the presidential elections. Zemmour hasn’t declared himself a candidate yet!

Zemmour has imposed the frame of debate: immigration, crime, sovereignty.

Although many try to compare Zemmour to Trump, there is little in common between the two men other than their professed desire to put their country first and regain its sovereignty. Zemmour is a well read, intelligent, articulate, an accomplished intellectual and best selling author. What the two do have in common is Zemmour doesn’t care whose feelings he hurts in speaking ‘his truth.’

Eric Zemmour has accused Marine Le Pen of becoming a leftist because she has now abandoned Frexit, supports remaining in the Euro and Schengen and toned down her criticism of Islam. He also rejects her promise to bring retirement back to age 60, which most economists agree is not economically feasible.

These are a few of Zemmour’s proposed policies for the new president:

  • An end to immigration;
  • Deport foreigners who commit crimes (25% of the French prison population) and those who enter the country illegally;
  • Suspend all aid to countries who refuse to take back their nationals;
  • Put an end to the policy of allowing family members of immigrants to join them in France; 
  • Strip duel nationals of their French citizenship when they commit crimes and deport them to the country of their migrant nationality; 
  • Leave the Schengen borderless area and seal the borders;
  • Reserve social benefits and welfare rights for the French and those legal immigrants who have worked and contributed to the social safety net;
  • Deport immigrants who are on social assistance (42% of non EU migrant residents are inactive);
  • Islam is incompatible with French democracy, Muslims don’t integrate, and there is a “Great Replacement” of the French by a “foreign invasion.” 

Zemmour was condemned for ‘provoking racial hatred’ in 2016 after he said: “We are living for the past thirty years an invasion…I believe we should give them the choice of either Islam or France.”  Zemmour has been indicted for inciting racial hatred nine times and condemned twice.

Expressing views which could promote racial hatred or discrimination is illegal in France.

From Zemmour’s Facebook page: “We cannot bear two different civilizations on French soil.”

Always putting France first, Zemmour has stated: “I am not a French Jew. I am a Jewish Frenchman.” He has received accusations of anti-Semitism for condemning Samuel Sandler after he sent his murdered son and two grandsons, killed by the Islamist Mohammed Merah in March 2012, to Israel for burial, comparing the move to burying the terrorist Merah in Algeria. The three were among seven of Merah’s victims in Southwestern France.

Assassins, or innocents,” Zemmour wrote, “executioners or victims…they did not choose France above all else and even in death.” 

Zemmour also earned the wrath of many Jews in France by stating that” Marshal Pétain and Vichy saved French Jews” during the Nazi occupation. 

Zemmour has set the frame of debate

Even the traditional conservatives of former President Nicolas Sarkozy’s Les Républicains, (LR) now echo Zemmour on immigration, welfare and borders. 

He has forced the far left Insoumis (Unbowed) party to admit the ‘Great Replacement’ theory.  In a recent TV debate with Zemmour, the Unbowed candidate, Jean-luc Mélenchon, promoted the “Creolisation” of France as a good thing. 

A Socialist hopeful, Arnaud Montebourg, did Zemmour one better and says France should prevent immigrants and their descendants from sending money back to their countries of origin when those countries refuse to take back their illegal migrants.

Many Africans live off of money sent home by immigrant workers in France.

Can ‘War Room’ make a difference?

Steve Bannon is right when he said: “France was one of the most progressive nations in the world but she is quickly transforming into a right wing country.” Neither is he wrong when he says : “If you add Le Pen, Zemmour and the center right, you have 50% of the vote.”

The question is will the French version of War Room prevent Macron from being re-elected? “People have forgotten, Bannon said,“ that Macron was elected with barely 24% of the vote in the first round in 2017.” The right is going into this battle very deeply divided and Eric Zemmour, like Macron in 2017, has no party behind him for the moment.

But Steve Bannon isn’t taking sides just yet. He says the French War Room wants to be a “platform for the whole right” without telling people how to vote. “I want to tell people they must think of populism, nationalism and sovereignty,” he told Le Parisien. It is a message the vast majority of French voters are ready to hear according to recent polls.