The Israelis say Syria paid protesters to go to the Golan Sunday to protest the ongoing Israeli occupation of the heights as if this justifies using live fire against unarmed demonstrators in which as many as 25 people were killed and 350 wounded.  That the accusation rather than the killings gets the lede is insane.

When I came back from Kenya at the end of October, I said that Moi Kibaki would get between 30% and 35% of the vote in presidential elections.  It now seems clear to all that Kibaki stole the elections using the National Electoral Commission whose members he appointed himself to declare him the winner.

Nairobi, Kenya — More than sixteen million Kenyans live on less than one dollar a day, according to NTV quoting a UN report.  Kenyan members of parliament earn an average of  850 000 shillings a month (more than $13 000) during their five year mandate making them among the best paid parliamentarians in world says KTN.