Djibouti, North Eastern Africa — The atmosphere was electric Thursday morning.  Friday is their day off and Thursday is Khat day, the day everybody indulges heavily in the chewing of the narcotic plant.  I had seen them buying Khat from women on the street feverishly every afternoon but Thursday was the mother of all euphoria.

Paris, France —The public seem to be fed up with French public service workers (railroad, electric etc.) who want to retire with 1200 euros pension a month at the age of 50 or 55, depending on their job.  Others are fed up with paying for their special pension schemes.  They say these workers are privileged.  OH, the hypocrisy of it all.

Paris – France : In 1997, a very stubborn French Doctor in a State run hospital did not give up looking. When endoscopies and ultra-sounds turned up no explanation for the severe pancreatitis I suffered from, he sent me to a ‘private’ clinic specialized in invasive procedures.  There they found the tumor in my pancreas and four days later the doctor in the public hospital conducted the queen of all operations: a whipple.  It did not cost me a penny to save my life!

Paris – France : Imagine Zimbabwe’s President Robert Mugabe, the great provocateur who offered to send election observers to Florida after the 2000 disaster, asking one of his aid agencies to come to France and bring back neglected children for care.  They hire a private plane and fly into the country, round up 103 kids and set to fly them back to Zimbabwe to adoptive families and all this without going through the French authorities.  This in a nutshell is what the Arche de Zoé, Zoé’s Ark, just did in Chad.

Nairobi, Kenya: Nairobi is one of Africa’s mile-high cities, some 1,700 meters.  This means weather is wonderful all year round, somewhere between 15 degrees and 25 degrees Celsius.  The blossoms are beginning to fall off the trees creating purple, red, yellow and orange velvet mats on the roads.

Nairobi, Kenya — More than sixteen million Kenyans live on less than one dollar a day, according to NTV quoting a UN report.  Kenyan members of parliament earn an average of  850 000 shillings a month (more than $13 000) during their five year mandate making them among the best paid parliamentarians in world says KTN.