Paris – July 10, 2008: Our intrepid leaders just wrapped up the mother of all summits.  They condemned Human Rights abuses in Zimbabwe and in the same breath Bush and Sarkozy announced they will attend the opening of the Olympic Games in China and while prisoners in Guantanamo are still denied US Constitutional rights to a fair trial and Habeas Corpus.

Trikiri, The Pillion, Greece – June 15, 2008: Kiriaki is a small cove three hundred meters below the village of new Trikiri at the far tip of the Pillion.  It is a small fishing village with a working harbor and busy little shipyard. The village will be ruined soon by the new road just built to it with tourist bus parking at the edge of town and all thanks to EU money.  But for the moment only adventurous foreigners make it here.  The village is still fairly isolated.  I am told electricity arrived here in the 1970s and a small winding road from Trikiri opened the town up in the early 80s.

N’djamena, Chad – June 1 – 8, 2008: The country’s government moved quickly to cover up the scars from the Feb. 2 and 3 fighting when Sudanese backed rebels almost conquered the city if not for President Deby getting a little help from his French friends.  The bullet holes have been repaired and painted over, windows replaced and roads repaired.  Only a few buildings still show signs of the fighting such as the Supreme Court and the Parliament.