Syria: Six Lost Years


This Pod Cast deals with the fact that the solution the West is pushing for today was put on the table by Syria and Russia in 2012 when Syrians approved a new Constitution which calls for multi-party elections.  At the time, the West, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar thought they could overthrow the Syrian government. Now that they have to admit defeat, and while they still threten to attack Syria, they are trying to save one of the last Jihadi bastions so they have some cards to play at the negotiating table.



I am including the script below:

This is righteous outrage by Kazolias dot com.

The West, Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia are in a sweat — Idlib, one of their last toe holds in Syria, will fall.

Idlib has been under al Qaeda control for years in the form of Hayat Tahir al-Sham.

Unfortunately, many civilians are there too and they will pay a heavy price.

But what really makes me angry is the West is calling for the solution that Syria and Russia put on the table six years ago.

Lets take a closer look.


In February 2012, fourteen-and-a-half million Syrians in government controlled areas voted in a referendum on a new Constitution.

The Constitution calls for multi party elections and puts an end to the Baath party’s monopoly on power.

At the time Russia even suggested Bashar al-Assad could step down after a transition…

But the referendum and the new Constitution were ignored by western media and rejected by Western governments, because, at the time, they believed their Islamist rebels could overthrow the Syrian government.

Today, and hundreds of thousand of dead later, the West is calling for a political solution with multi party elections…a solution which has been on the table for six full years.

There are a few safe-guards in the New Constitution.

It prohibits parties based on ethnic, religious, regional or tribal basis and the President must be a Muslim: Sunni, Shiite or Alawite.

This make perfect sense in an imperfect Middle East.

Christians, Yezidis, Druze and Kurds who all fought against the western backed Sunni extremist killers, would once again live in a land free from islamist terrorism.

Although western media fail to report it, life in areas retaken by the government is returning to normal… woman with their hair flowing walk the streets, displaced people return to rebuild their homes.

But for elections to happen, Damascus has to regain control of its country.

Turkey must leave Afrin which they and their Jihadi partners took from American backed Kurds.

The US has to withdraw its troops — there will be no independent Kurdish homeland cut off from sovereign Syria.

Turkey, Iran and Iraq have made that clear.

In short, the West and Israel must stop meddling.

Make no mistake: If Assad had cut and run; if the Russians had refused to come to Syria’s aid in 2015, the Black flag of I. S.  would be flying over Damascus today.

Syria would be a much greater disaster than the chaos NATO imposed on Libya in that regime change.

Today, France and the United States threaten to attack if chemical weapons are used in Idlib.

Someone still has to explain to me why Syria would use such weapons in a battle won and knowing the consequences.

I don’t buy it — but the West will desperately try to save their last Jihadis.

They need rebel strongholds to give them bargaining power as a political solution is hammered out at the negotiating table.

Maybe one day we will learn the truth about just how spontaneous the early insurrection was …who burned government buildings and killed seven policemen in Daraa on March 20th, 2011.

Nobody questions whether Assad’s reaction was brutal but was he right when he blamed “foreign conspirator”s?  

Pointing a finger at Quatar and Israel.

There never was a democratic opposition … Islamist Sunni extremists were throwing civil servants off the roofs of buildings and targeting Christians from the get-go.

No, Assad’s Syria was not perfect but Christians were not being killed as they are in Egypt…and lets face it…the West’s great friend, Saudi Arabia made Syria look like Sweden.

History will judge the West harshly for encouraging a war which could have been nipped in the bud six years ago with a political solution and multi-party elections … the very same solution they are calling for today now that they admit defeat.